Have You Experienced Fine Dining at a Steakhouse?

Everybody loves fine dining in Fort Lauderdale. From the quality of service all the way down to the delicious cuisine, you expect to experience something special.  But when it comes to meat lovers, they tend to have higher standards.  They don’t want tiny portions you can barely see on a plate. They want something substantial. When it comes to satisfying the needs of customers with hearty appetites, one steakhouse in Fort Lauderdale truly delivers. Chima Steakhouse has quickly become a premier destination for those who truly appreciate a satisfying meal along with a true fine dining experience.

From the moment customers walk into Chima Steakhouse, they will immediately discover this is no ordinary restaurant. Located at Fort Lauderdale’s trendy Las Olas Boulevard and just minutes away from the beach, there’s an exotic ambiance you won’t experience at any other steakhouse in Fort Lauderdale. Visitors are immediately greeted by the restaurant’s unique and beautiful décor of rubber trees and water spouts which create a tropical atmosphere.

Once you’ve been seated, it doesn’t take long to satisfy your taste buds.  Start off your meal with a glass of wine. Chima’s sophisticated iPad wine menu allows customers to easily browse through a vibrant list of exotic and fine wines. Among the more popular selections is the classic Malbec. By now, you’ve already discovered this is no ordinary steakhouse in Fort Lauderdale. Dive into a delicious one of Chima’s delicious selections of appetizers, including the crispy meatballs, popovers and mashed potatoes. Although Chima is a steakhouse, there’s no shortage of other great food selections on its amazing menu including:

-A complete salad bar
-Cured meats
-Hot entrees
-Cheeses and so much more

But the true star of the show is Chima’s amazing selection of mouth-water, juicy steaks. If you’ve never experienced, the Picanha, you’re in for a treat. It’s Chima’s signature house top-sirloin and has the perfect combination of meat/fat along with a salty crust. Fine dining in Fort Lauderdale has never been more exotic or satisfying. Although there are plenty of restaurants on Las Olas in Fort Lauderdale, no other steakhouse in Fort Lauderdale offers a more authentic Brazilian feel and takes visitors on a culinary journey they won’t forget.

The secret is out in Fort Lauderdale, fine dining is alive and well along Las Olas Boulevard. Come see for yourself why Chima Steakhouse has become the destination for meat lovers who want to enjoy the ultimate experience of fine dining in Fort Lauderdale. Don’t wait. Make your reservation today.

Are You Ready for a Different Fine Dining Experience?

There is no shortage of fine dining restaurants in Fort Lauderdale. Just drive along Las Olas Boulevard and there are plenty that promise delicious cuisine. But there’s just one problem. Far too many of these restaurants believe they can fool the public by providing tiny portions at huge prices. However, meat lovers are a different breed. They’re not going to settle for a skimpy plate of food that resembles a work of art. They want something that’s going to satisfy their appetite. When it’s time to search for the perfect steakhouse in Fort Lauderdale, more people are making Chima Steakhouse as their destination.

Not every steakhouse in Fort Lauderdale is the same. When it comes to preparing steak, there is a mystique about Brazil. It’s a country where steak is truly a passion. Few restaurants in Fort Lauderdale are able to take visitors on a journey to a place where enjoying a juicy, delicious steak is truly a way of life. It’s what separates Chima Steakhouse from the competition. Whether you’re a first time visitor or a frequent customer, there’s always something new for everyone.  Chima’s delicious and exotic menu includes many of the traditional favorites you will find at any traditional steakhouse. But there is so much more!  Chima’s amazing steak and meat menu includes the following:

-Picanha- Top Sirloin
-Baby Top Sirloin
-Filet Mignon
-Filet Wrapped in Bacon
-Flank Steak
-Ribs, Chicken, Lamb and so much more

When you visit a fine dining restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, you expect something truly special. Not only must the food live up to expectations, you should also have a fun and enjoyable experience. From the moment visitors arrive, they will soon discover Chima is no ordinary steakhouse in Fort Lauderdale. Located on trendy Las Olas Boulevard and just minutes from the beach, there’s a unique cosmopolitan vibe you won’t find at many fine dining restaurants in Fort Lauderdale. Chima Restaurant is the perfect place for the ultimate dining experience, whether you’re looking for a romantic night out or enjoying a delicious meal with the family. You can even reserve your own private dining area with a group of people.

You Deserve Fine Dining

Fine dining in Fort Lauderdale should always be an enjoyable experience. You shouldn’t have to settle for a small meal at big prices. Your meal should be satisfying and filled with flavor in a relaxing atmosphere. Discover the steakhouse in Fort Lauderdale that takes fine dining to a whole new level. Make your reservation with Chima Steakhouse today.