Tapas style dining has become an increasingly popular and delectable experience around Fort Lauderdale. With appetizer-sized offerings of all your favorites, there’s no need to choose just one flavor! At Chima Brazilian Steakhouse, we’re proud to stand among the best restaurants in Fort Lauderdale, thanks to our creative menu and appetizers. Our appetizers can create a great tapas style experience, complete with all the flavors you’re sure to enjoy. Ready to start sharing delicious dishes? Stop by to try our favorites!  

Which restaurants in Fort Lauderdale have the best shareable dishes? 

When most people think of our dining experience, they focus on our rodizio style meats. These meats are great for sharing, but we’ve taken things a step further with our newest appetizers. During happy hour at our bar, you can enjoy affordable and delectable tapas style dining!  

Our new Artichokes Puffy Pastries are a great start. These pastries are easy to share, and they’re complete with our exclusive grilled artichoke pate and pesto sauce. We also offer a Seafood Salad appetizer that features shrimp, scallops, calamari, grape tomatoes and lime, tomato and extra virgin olive oil. 

Looking for rodizio meats in a tapas style? We’ve got your perfect fit! Our Lamb Chops are deliciously grilled to perfection, then served atop a bed of arugula salad. This 100% Halal dish is accompanied with fried polenta and a flavorful dipping sauce.  

Our Cantaloupe & Prosciutto Di Parma Ball is another favorite. It features fresh cantaloupe, flavorful prosciutto and balsamic reduction on the side. This dish is the perfect combination of sweet, savory and delicious!  

Does Chima Steakhouse offer delicious drinks? 

In addition to tapas offerings, we also offer drinks for any taste. Whether you prefer wine, beer or cocktails, we have a variety of offerings. Our wine selection encompasses many styles, and our beer offerings even include craft beers. Some of our most popular cocktails include: 

  • The Chima Margarita  
  • Key Lime Martini   
  • Strawberry Caipirinha  
  • Chocolate Martini  
  • Apple Martini  
  • & More 

These are just a few of the mixed drinks we’re proud to serve at Chima Steakhouse. Whether you prefer wine, beer, mixed drinks or non-alcoholic offerings, you’re sure to find your favorites at our Fort Lauderdale restaurant. 

How can I reserve a table at one of the best restaurants in Fort Lauderdale? 

Are you ready to discover the delectable dining we offer at Chima Steakhouse for yourself? We invite you to come visit us for lunch or dinner! You can reserve your table by clicking here, or by calling our reservation line directly at (954) 712 – 0580. We look forward to your visit!  

Where are the Best Restaurants in Tysons Corner?

When you’re looking for a dining experience in Tysons Corner unlike any other, it’s time to come visit us at Chima Steakhouse! We know there are many options when it comes to Tysons Corner restaurants. This is why we’re proud to offer an atmosphere, menu and dining experience that sets us apart as one of the best restaurants in Tysons Corner. Whether you’re celebrating a special event or you’re looking for something to shake up your dining routine, our restaurant is the perfect spot!  

What makes Chima Steakhouse stand out from other Tysons Corner Restaurants?  

There may be many options when it comes to dining, but you deserve Tysons Corner restaurants that offer the best of the best. At Chima Steakhouse, we offer rodizio meats, roasted vegetables, side dishes, drinks, desserts and many other options! 

At Chima Steakhouse, we’re proud to combine quality with atmosphere and service. Our restaurant offers an elegant setting that houses custom cocktails, a wide array of wines and menu items such as: 

  • Brio Brio Rice 
  • Kale & Sweet Potato Salad 
  • Swordfish 
  • Picanha 
  • Gorgonzola Mousse 
  • Filet 
  • Endive Salad 
  • Waldorf Salad 
  • Leg of Lamb 
  • Chicken Wrapped in Bacon 
  • Barbeque Ribs  
  • & More 

These and all of our other dishes feature the highest quality ingredients. Whether it’s fresh cuts, fresh produce or top quality ingredients, we take no shortcuts when it comes to providing the very best flavor.  

Which restaurants in Tysons Corner serve certified angus beef? 

When you’re searching for the best restaurants in Tysons Corner, quality is key! At Chima Steakhouse, we’re proud to serve a variety of certified angus beef products. Certified angus beef starts at family ranches, where flavor and quality are hallmarks of the meat. There are no shortcuts taken with certified angus beef! Our chefs then take this certified beef and prepare it in traditional rodizio style, roasting the meat until it’s reached perfect flavors.  

When can I try Chima Steakhouse? 

Are you ready to enjoy the best restaurant in Tysons Corner? Then it’s time to come and visit our dining room at Chima Steakhouse! We offer something for everyone, from those seeking rodizio steaks to vegan and gluten free diners as well. Click here to reserve your table for lunch or dinner and prepare to enjoy a dining experience unlike any other.  


Look for a Great Restaurant in Charlotte? Try Chima Steakhouse!

When it comes to a special occasion, many families choose to spend the day together at the various restaurants in Charlotte. Are you looking for a fine dining restaurant in Charlotte to celebrate a special occasion with your family?  At Chima Steakhouse, we offer a variety of authentic steakhouse specials to create a dining experience that’s perfect for the whole family! 

Which restaurants in Charlotte offer the best meal? 

At Chima Steakhouse, we’re internationally known for our rodizio style meats. Customer favorites include: 

  • Sausage 
  • Flank Steak  
  • Beef Ribs 
  • Filet Wrapped in Bacon 
  • Baby Top Sirloin  
  • Picanha  
  • Barbeque Ribs  
  • Filet Mignon  
  • Ribeye  
  • & More 

With endless options of these and other selections, you’re sure to find your favorite flavors! We also offer vegetable skewers, grilled swordfish and an impressive salad bar for diners with other tastes.  

When you visit our fine dining restaurant in Charlotte for lunch or dinner, you’re sure to enjoy a delicious meal that’s great for everyone in your family. The kids can also enjoy our complimentary face painting, giving them a memorable and fun dining experience.  

At Chima Steakhouse, we know that choosing the best fine dining restaurants in Charlotte for your family’s lunch or dinner can feel like a tough choice. But at Chima Steakhouse, we make it easy! With face painting for the kids, delicious sides and indulgent rodizio style meats, there’s nowhere better to dine! Call (704) 601 – 4141 to reserve your table.