Fort Lauderdale Restaurants that are Making a Statement

Finding a restaurant that can mesmerize your taste buds isn’t always easy, but with Fort Lauderdale restaurants, your chances are certainly higher. Fort Lauderdale is home to many of the most amazing restaurants, known for it’s delectable and delicious seafood, beef, and more. Each location offers incredible dishes that will leave you coming back for more, but is there a way to enjoy a restaurant while having some of each?  

Fort Lauderdale Restaurants Known for Excellence 

Chima Steakhouse started in Brazil, eventually bringing cultural dishes to the shores of South Florida. With a name that is also a part of Brazil, it’s easy to see how this restaurant gained its popularity and impeccable reputation.  Each visitor is sure to find something that will make their mouths water and their friends and families coming back.   

What about Chima Steakhouse makes it so amazing? First and foremost, Chima Steakhouse operates on a family-like atmosphere, as in each staff member treats visitors like family. There is an aura of sophistication and warm hues that resonate with guests dining for dinners. Gauchos, or cowboys, roam the dining room with tasty rotisserie selections including sirloin, lamb, chicken, fish, and ribs. With such beautiful choices, it’s easy to see why Chima Steakhouse guests continue to come back time and time again. Not only do they offer the finest meat options, but there are also salad bar options, cheese options, and soup options for those who are looking for something a little different.   

If you’re looking for a Fort Lauderdale restaurant that will impress you with its ambiance, service, attention, and entrees, Chima Steakhouse is the right place for you. Chima offers reservations for large parties including work parties, family reunions, birthdays, and get-togethers. No matter who you’re looking to treat, you’ll certainly wow them with a magnificent experience inside the doors the Chima Steakhouse.   

It’s the Little Things that Make a Big Difference in Restaurants in Fort Lauderdale

Restaurants in Fort Lauderdale are known to be some of the finest in all of Florida. With so many different pallets and cultures, it makes the area a beautiful location to scout out new dining locations, as well as finding a new favorite spot. While each offers its slice of delights, there’s something about restaurants that offer valuable rewards, services, and techniques that are unique. At Chima Steakhouse, we’d like to think we have small offers that give back in significant ways.   

Looking for restaurants in Fort Lauderdale that will exceed your expectations? Try Chima Steakhouse!   

While many restaurants fail to take reservations any more, there is still a great need for the ability to call or schedule a party or group. At Chima Steakhouse, this is one of the many ways we accommodate our patrons.  

If you have ever arrived at a restaurant without a reservation with a large group, then you know how stressful it can be.  Our professional team works hard to make you feel welcome and that your table is ready for the date and time you requested.  

Coupons and discounts can also go a long way, which is why we offer a Preferred Diner option for those who want to save money and receive updates on upcoming events and promotions. The coupons can be applied to any meals with two rodizios and can also be used Sunday through Thursday!   

Chima Steakhouse, a top restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, knows that it’s important for you and your family to have a location that always offers high-quality food and impeccable customer service. At our restaurant, you can expect to be treated like family.  Whether you’re looking for reservations, gift cards, or the ability to be a preferred diner, we encourage you to come and see us so that we may exceed your dining expectations and give you a new favorite dinner location.  

Best Restaurants in Fort Lauderdale for Graduation Celebrations

Graduation season is here, and it is time to decide where to celebrate with graduates on their special day. What makes an experience amazing is not only the people involved but also the location. Chances are you’ll want an environment that allows you to connect, celebrate, enjoy great food, have a drink, sit back and relax. In the search for the best restaurants in Fort Lauderdale, do not forget to check out Chima Steakhouse.   

What Makes Chima Steakhouse One of the Best Restaurants in Fort Lauderdale?  

Chima Steakhouse was founded in Uberlandia, Brazil, later making its way to the shores of Fort Lauderdale in 2004. Around for quite some time, Chima Steakhouse has grown and flourished, showing Florida how fine selections of beef can be at the center of a beautiful family meal. Our meat selections are only one of the examples as to why Chima Steakhouse is a wonderful location for graduation celebrations. The ambiance is classy and welcoming, as well as interactive. Gauchos, or cowboys, walk around the dining room offering exquisite and divine rotisserie meats.   

However, we understand that all families are made up of different types of people, which is why we also offer vegetable options, a beautiful salad bar, and cheeses that are perfect to share amongst the table. Our delicious and impressive wine selections will pair perfectly with cheeses and beef, giving your entire family a menu and dining experience to rave about.   

There’s nothing like celebrating the milestone of a college or high school graduation to show off your family’s pride. Show off your graduate by taking him/her to one of the best restaurants in Fort Lauderdale. With variety, ambiance, and great company, why choose anywhere else? Call us today for reservations and relax knowing that your graduate is in for a huge treat.