Friends-giving at Chima Steakhouse!

The holidays are quickly approaching, and for many people, the holidays are spent with friends instead of family. For a variety of reasons, going to a family home to warm and welcoming celebrations may not be possible. A popular trend during the holidays is “Friends-giving,” or, celebrating group parties with your friends over the holidays. The antidote to feeling isolated or overworking through the holiday season is to celebrate with your group of friends at an amazing restaurant in Tysons Corner. Feel connected to the holiday spirit with a fabulous Friends-giving at Chima Steakhouse! You’ll be glad you did and so will your taste buds. The trend of spending Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Years with friends instead of family is a great option, and Chima Steakhouse is here to host your festivities!

Why is Friends-giving So Popular?

For many people, the concept of friends being the family you get to choose rings true. The joy of being surrounded by friends who love you can make this holiday memorable and enjoyable. Add a delicious meal at Chima Steakhouse for a truly unforgettable experience! Our holiday parties in Tysons Corner are unparalleled and completely remove the stress of trying to prepare a meal for your friends. A non-traditional holiday celebration at a restaurant instead of at home is just as nice an idea for reuniting and bonding with loved ones. If you choose not to spend Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or New Years with family, spending the day with your friends at a fantastic restaurant like Chima Steakhouse is a great alternative.

Holiday Parties with Chima Steakhouse in Tysons Corner

Do you have friends who are picky eaters? Maybe someone who is gluten-intolerant, or who has other food sensitivities? Even if you don’t, having a menu with variety and options is still great for any meal, including holiday parties in Tysons Corner. Our menu is sure to have something for everyone, including those who need to stick to strict diets like keto. Our delectable rodizio-style meats and gourmet salad bar are a feast for the eyes as well as your palate.

Chima Steakhouse offers holiday bookings for groups of all sizes. Our VIP dining rooms can occupy up to 125 people. We also offer holiday buyout packages which give you access to the restaurant’s entire 570-person space. Both options are available for lunch and dinner service seven days a week.

You can choose to begin your holiday festivities with a few drinks at our state-of-the-art bar or patio. Give your friends a taste of the finer things while you relax in our indoor lounge or exterior patio.

Once you’ve been seated, you and your friends gain access to our menu of exquisite foods to satiate any appetite. We offer delicious and filling options at our salad bar, the best in Brazilian meats, and delectable desserts. Each meal is prepared by our masterful chefs and served by gracious, friendly servers.

At Chima Steakhouse, we treat each guest as a part of our family. Let us host you for your Friends-giving this year or for any upcoming celebratory dinner! Contact us now to schedule your holiday parties in Tysons Corner.

Savory Holiday Celebrations at Chima Steakhouse in Philadelphia

‘Tis the season to start planning holiday parties, family celebrations and holiday meals with your friends at Chima Steakhouse in Philadelphia! You can light up someone’s holiday season with a unique party or event that they will be talking about for the rest of the year! Guests don’t just come to Chima restaurants for a meal; they come for a guaranteed enjoyable experience where they feel welcomed by friendly, knowledgeable staff, and immersed in a festive holiday mood. Plan your savory holiday celebration at Chima Steakhouse in Philadelphia for hearty meals that provide a deep connection to a season of celebration and feasting.

Chima Steakhouse is located in Center City Philly, and from the moment you enter our beautiful location on 20th and JFK, you will feel the warm, welcoming atmosphere that’s just brimming with holiday cheer. Our unique steakhouses offer top-notch service, a relaxed restaurant vibe, and food that you’ll want to savor for hours, so you simply can’t go wrong hosting any kind of holiday event or party with us. Chima Philadelphia features a high-end luxurious vibe, with modern embellishments, and a classy atmosphere. Our location provides private party facilities which are perfect for corporate holiday parties, in addition to a stylish inside bar for hosting a holiday bar mixer as well as holiday buyouts for lunch or dinner any day of the week!

Whether you are celebrating a special holiday occasion with family and friends or impressing an important client, Chima Steakhouse in Philadelphia is the perfect location for your holiday celebrations – with tantalizing food and amazing hospitality. We have VIP rooms and business dining, as well as a lively, upscale, casual atmosphere and a must-try salad bar. Foodies everywhere agree that Chima will not disappoint!

Host a Party at Chima: Special Packages for Holiday Celebrations

Juicy steaks cooked just right are the norm at Chima Steakhouse in Philadelphia, making it a Five-Star-worthy, fan-favorite – where you are guaranteed to savor the flavor in every bite of our rodizio meats. If you love all kinds of meat, Chima Steakhouse has a holiday special right now that can’t be beat! If you book your holiday party now, you can receive a one-hundred-dollar gift card as the party host with additional twenty-five-dollar gift cards for each guest attending your holiday party! It may be better to give than to receive, but if giving means you receive a few extra bucks and the best meal of your life, that’s the ultimate win-win.

Book your holiday party or celebration by October 31st, 2019 for a party that takes place by December 30th, 2019 for a minimum of 20 guests – and we will give $100 gift card for the host and $25 dinner cards for each guest. Gift cards and dinner cards are valid towards our special rodizio dinner and will be given to the party host on the day of the event. The minimum of 20 guests must be present to be eligible, and the offer is subject to change without notice.

Choose Chima Philadelphia for your one-of-a-kind holiday party, and see why we’re known for the best food and most impressive special occasions. And now, thanks to our holiday special packages, hosting a party at Chima is an awesome idea!

Eat, Drink and be Merry: Holiday Celebrations at Chima Philadelphia

One of the most important features of any holiday party is the food and drinks! At Chima Steakhouse in Philadelphia, you are sure to astound and impress your holiday guests with scrumptious feast foods of all varieties and drinks to make it all the merrier. In addition to our delightful drink menus, we are sure to have something to eat for everyone. Our holiday parties provide food celebrations with everything from tender pieces of filet mignon wrapped in bacon, to grilled salmon served with passion fruit sauce on the side. Our delectable desserts include chocolate lava cake filled with coconut ganache, served with vanilla ice cream.

Hosting a party for the holidays is so much easier when everything is being taken care of in one place, with people who are party specialists! Every Chima location has the right space for your gathering place for private or semi-private holiday celebrations, whether it’s just for two people or 400! It’s the holidays, so feel free to make your holiday party feel festive and fun! Arrive a bit early to set up decorations in true home-style fashion, add balloons, tie ribbons or place colorful flowers and arrangements on the tables.

Are you planning a unique holiday party or special event? Book your “save the date” today and take advantage of our amazing Chima Holiday Host Special. You can treat your office to a corporate holiday party this holiday season to reward a years’ worth of hard work with everything that luxury can offer – including a traditional holiday feast like they’ve never had. Call to inquire about your customized holiday party today.

Want to come check us out to see for yourself about having your holiday party with Chima? Join us for Happy Hour: Monday – Sunday from 5 to 7 pm, with drinks and appetizer specials. Chima Philly has live music every Wednesday and Thursday from 6 to 9 pm at the bar and lounge, and our world-class bar/lounge opens 30 minutes before dinner service from Monday-Friday. We have even more ideas for holiday cheers – this holiday you can give the gift of satisfaction. If you’ve already had the pleasure of dining at Chima Philadelphia, then you know that a holiday gift card from Chima Steakhouse in Philadelphia is sure to make someone very happy this holiday season.

Planning Your Holiday Parties in Charlotte

With the winter holiday season fast approaching, many groups and businesses across the country are beginning to plan their yearly holiday parties. Planning early helps to prevent the last-minute stress and disappointing, limited options. No matter the size of the group, hosting a holiday party is a yearly traditional many people anticipate. For those planning group holiday parties in Charlotte, Chima Steakhouse is your best option for upscale group dining.

Why You Should Throw a Group Holiday Party

For some business owners and group leaders, holiday parties may seem like more of a hassle than they’re worth. Between budgeting, finding a location, and making plans with everyone in your group, it can seem like a headache waiting to happen. However, there’s a reason so many groups choose to have yearly holiday parties at Chima Steakhouse in Charlotte.

Most notably, company holiday parties help to promote team bonding. Without the stress and expectations of the office or work environment, your staff members are able to learn more about each other and connect on more than a superficial level. The shared experience of enjoying a delicious meal together at one of the best upscale restaurants in Uptown Charlotte also helps to reduce stress and boost company morale.

Holiday Parties in Charlotte at Chima Steakhouse

Treat your group to something memorable. Chima Steakhouse in Charlotte is the perfect place for this year’s holiday party! Located uptown, we offer an elegant group dining experience for group parties, large and small. Our restaurant has a maximum capacity of over 400 people, and holiday group packages allow one to book the entire space for any function.

For more intimate parties, our VIP packages offer an intimate dining experience for up to 150 guests. These private dining areas provide the chance to connect and enjoy each other’s company without the distracting noise of other diners.

You can also elect to include bar service with your package. This option comes with a selection of exquisite wines and champagne, as well as a full liquor bar. Sharing a few drinks before moving on to the main course can help your group socialize before a truly delectable dinner.

Book your group holiday party with us now to lock in your time and date. Prime slots are still available, but it’s filing fast! For larger groups, our full buyout packages are available for lunch and dinner service seven days a week. Booking your holiday parties in Charlotte with Chima today can also save you money. We are offering great deals on all of our group dining packages throughout the holiday season, beginning now!

Give your hardworking team the holiday party experience they will never forget! Chima Steakhouse offers authentic cuisine within one of the most upscale restaurants in Charlotte. Learn more about our holiday packages today and secure the best slot for your group!

Five More Reasons to Celebrate the Holidays at Chima Steakhouse

It’s never too early to be planning to celebrate the holidays at Chima Steakhouse in Fort Lauderdale! September is in full swing, and there are plenty of holidays to look forward to celebrating this Fall. There are so many reasons to celebrate the holidays in steakhouse-style with Chima Fort Lauderdale. Chima offers you and your holiday guests an authentic dining experience with an unlimited menu at a fixed price, so there is always something for everyone. Whether you are hosting a business function, corporate dinner, rehearsal dinner, wedding reception, family affair, or holiday party, Chima is the perfect venue for your special event.

Anyone who has ever tried to plan a holiday party or group dining experience knows all too well that dining with others requires a certain level of strategy for the event planner. If you’re trying to book dinner for a group of 15 or more people or are planning a special event for work, family, or just a group of friends who like to dine together, Chima Steakhouse restaurants can welcome any crowd. Make your holiday celebrations spectacular with our unique and highly-memorable Chima Steakhouse experience! From flank steak to leg of lamb, filet wrapped in bacon, and barbecue ribs, our holiday celebration at Chima Steakhouse features everything you’d expect from one of the best steakhouse restaurants on Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale!

Planning a corporate holiday dinner for those clients you are trying to impress? Chima Steakhouse in Fort Lauderdale is quite the experience for meat eaters or foodies of any kind. You can expect unlimited servings, as servers walk to each table with knives and a skewer with various kinds of meat. You can choose from dozens of different types of beef, pork, chicken, and shrimp. There are also side dishes such as fried bananas and mashed potatoes available for the group dining together!

At Chima Steakhouse in Fort Lauderdale, we have many reasons to plan now for the holiday season! Chima Steakhouse is a fine-dining restaurant and wedding venue. At our unique steakhouse, we offer high-end and luxurious restaurant features with wood tones, modern embellishments, square tables, and a classy atmosphere. With our top-notch service and food that you’ll want to savor for hours, you simply can’t go wrong hosting any kind of holiday event or party with us.

Five Reasons to Celebrate the Holidays at Chima Steakhouse in Fort Lauderdale:

  • We can accommodate large parties: We provide beautiful, well-equipped restaurant and event space that can accommodate up to 250 guests. We have exquisite courtyards ideal for outdoor toasts, and spacious reception areas inside. Chima Steakhouse on Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale has the right space for your gathering place for private or semi-private holiday celebrations, whether it’s just for two people or 250!
  • We have VIP rooms at Chima Fort Lauderdale: It’s not every day that you find star-rated restaurants with VIP rooms ready for your private parties. Our Chima VIP room is equipped with TV, in addition to wireless Internet and wireless microphone capabilities. Our gorgeous, private, VIP rooms have flexible, table set-up. Bring your holiday celebration guests to our brand new Chima VIP rooms and get your party started now!
  • We welcome you to bring your own decorations: Now you can make your holiday celebration truly your very own by personalizing your space. At Chima, you can host a seminar, group gathering, or holiday-themed party celebration and use your own personal decorations. Feel free to make the space feel festive and fun!
  • We have $100 gift cards for hosts, and $25 dinner cards for each guest: If you book your holiday party at Chima Steakhouse in Fort Lauderdale now, you can receive a one-hundred-dollar gift card as the party host, with additional twenty-five-dollar gift cards for each guest attending your holiday party! Party planning just got easier and whole lot more lucrative! You must book by October 31st, 2019, and your party must take place by December 30th, 2019 for a minimum of 20 guests. Gift card and dinner cards are valid towards our special rodizio dinner, and will be given to the party host on the day of the event. The minimum of 20 guests must be present to be eligible, and the offer is subject to change without notice.
  • We are all-inclusive, party-planning specialists: Looking for places to host parties for the holidays are so much easier with people who are party specialists! At Chima Steakhouse on Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale, we’re here to help you make it a memorable one. We’re experts in providing a smooth, professional, and delicious event for you and your special guests.

Call Chima Steakhouse in Fort Lauderdale today to find out how our excellent services and mouth-watering cuisine will provide the most memorable holiday celebration and dining experience for you and your guests! For unlimited options and fun, you are guaranteed the best holiday celebration experience when you come dine with us at Chima Steakhouse on Las Olas Boulevard.