chima logo By Chima Steakhouse 13/11/2020

A Warm Celebration at Chima!

This year, let Chima host your holiday meal! Chima Steakhouse is the perfect location to enjoy a wonderful meal with family and friends. Our mouthwatering menu and fantastic customer service is unbeatable. We have a diverse menu that’s easy for everyone in your Christmas party to find something they’ll love. This Christman, don’t feel pressured to host the perfect Christmas meal. Let Chima Steakhouse provide you and your family with an unforgettable holiday meal! 

At Chima Steakhouse we’re serving up a dining experience unlike any other this holiday season. From the moment you step into our restaurant you’re transported to a flavorful destination complete with a fantastic menu with something for everyone to enjoy. We stand apart from other restaurants thanks to our great flavors, dining style, and wonderful customer service. You can enjoy our world class buffet with fresh flavors and favorites your whole party is sure to enjoy. 

Our chefs can bring bite after bite of the finest rodizio style meats straight to your table. We’ll slice and serve your favorites tableside, with options such as: 

  • Top Sirloin (Picanha) 
  • Filet Mignon 
  • Beef Ribs 
  • Flank Steak
  • Sausage 
  • Salmon 
  • Chicken 
  • Filet Wrapped in Bacon 
  • Ribeye 
  • Leg of Lamb 
  • Lamb Chops 

When it comes to a fine dining experience, nothing typifies an enjoyable meal quite like a bottle or glass of wine. And at Chima Steakhouse, wine is one of our most popular options. We have a plethora of wine options with a beautiful wine cellar in-house. Your server can suggest your perfect pairing; or you can enjoy glasses of different wines to get your favorite flavors this holiday season.  

What is it that sets Chima Steakhouse apart from other fine dining restaurants? We know that there’s not one singular quality that sets us apart, but rather many different experiences and flavors that solidify us as your best bet for a great meal during the Christmas holidays. When you’re ready to enjoy a memorable meal with flavorful foods, it’s time to pay us a visit at Chima Steakhouse. Book your holiday dinner at Chima Steakhouse by November 30th and receive a $100 as the party host, and a $25 gift card for each guest attending the party. Enjoy the holiday season this year with us at Chima! We look forward to hosting you and your loved ones and providing you with a wonderful holiday meal this season.