chima Bar & Lounge / Courtyard

Fort Lauderdale

Happy hour Monday to Friday from 5 to 7 PM at the bar and courtyard only. Live music from Wednesday to Saturday starting at 6 PM.


  • Caipirinha


    Muddled lime with sugar shaken with cachaca, or make it a Caipiroska with New Amsterdam vodka. Passion
    fruit and strawberry flavors also available.

  • Margarita


    Tequila, fresh-squeezed orange juice, lime juice, and sour mix.

  • Mojito


    Bacardi rum superior makes this classic favorite a must try.

  • Moscow Mule


    New Amsterdam vodka topped with ginger beer and a  splash of lime.


Red Wine $7.00

  • 10 Span – Cabernet Sauvignon – Chile

  • Bodini – Malbec – Argentina

  • Padrillos – Pinot Noir – Argentina

White Wine $7.00

  • 10 Span – Chardonnay – Chile

  • Hayes – Pinot Gris – California

  • Enza – Prosecco – Italy

  • Ruffino (187 ml) Sparkling Rose

Beer $5


  • Budweiser

  • Bud Light


  • Brahma – Brazil

  • Cerpa – Brazil

  • Corona – Mexico

Well Drinks $6

  • Vodka – New Amsterdam

  • Tequila – Sauza

  • Rum – Bacardi

  • Gin – New Amsterdam

  • Bourbon – Four Roses

Bar Specials

  • Pastel (Brazilian empanada)


    Deep-fried thin dough filled with provolone cheese. Served with homemade malagueta pepper jelly.

  • Aji chicken skewers with pinapple


    Served with aji sauce.


  • Bruschetta Trio


    Italian bread served with three different toppings: Caponata, portobello mushrooms & spinach, and caprese.

  • Pastel (Brazilian empanada)


    Deep-fried thin dough filled with provolone cheese. Served with homemade malagueta pepper jelly.

  • Seafood Salad


    Shrimp, scallops, calamari, olive oil, cilantro, onions and lemon juice.

  • Salmon Tartare*


    Fresh salmon tartare with guacamole.

  • Crab on the shell

    $8 or 2 for $15

    Traditional Brazilian crab on a shell, with fresh herbs, coconut milk, dendé oil, and crunchy panko crust.

  • Sliders*


    Certified Angus beef top sirloin patties, fresh spinach, garlic lemon aioli, and onion strings. Served with
    Parmesan truffle fries.

  • Chima burger*


    The perfect mix of certified Angus beef top sirloin and beef ribs, topped with cheddar cheese and special sauce. Served with Parmesan truffle fries.

  • Beef carpaccio bites*


    Sliced French bread topped with thinly raw beef, shaved parmesan cheese, capers, and mustard dressing.

  • Charcuterie & Cheese board


    Prosciutto di Parma, mortadella, copacolla, sopressata, Parmigiano Reggiano, gouda, manchego, fresh white
    cheese, fig jam, dried apricots, grapes, and toasted walnuts. Served with sliced Italian bread.

  • Caesar Salad (traditional)


    Romaine lettuce, anchovies, croutons, shaved parmesan cheese and homemade Caesar dressing.

    – Add a protein choice: 4 ounces

    Aji Chicken $3.00 | Flank steak* $4.00 | Salmon* $5.00 | Shrimp $5.00

  • Crunchy Cheese Tapioca cubes


    Served with apple pepper jelly

  • Goat cheese lollipops


    Creamy goat cheese with bacon and chives

From the Grill

  • Aji chicken skewer with pineapple


    Served with aji sauce.

  • Top Sirloin w/ jalapeno*


    Served with chimichurri sauce.

  • Lamb chops*


    Served with mint jelly.


  • fries


  • parmesan truffle fries


* These items are cooked to order. Consuming raw or undercooked meats may increase your risk of foodborne illness.
– Not all items may be available at all locations. |  Prices are subject to change without prior notice.