Add a Lavish Touch to Your Event by Booking with Chima Steakhouse

Partying or celebrating an occasion in style is easy when you book your event with Chima Steakhouse. With the upscale ambiance of our restaurant, complete with private rooms, you can host the event of your dreams. Our private parties in Charlotte, Philadelphia, Fort Lauderdale, and Tysons Corner are guaranteed to go smoothly and be everything you dreamed of and more when you book with us.


To get a sneak peek at what you can get when you spend your party or event with us, keep reading! We give you a little taste of all of the delicious food, crafty cocktails, and more!


An Environment That Adds a Luxurious Touch to Your Event


Finding the perfect venue for private parties in Charlotte, Philadelphia, Fort Lauderdale, and Tysons Corner is easy when you go to an upscale restaurant, such as Chima Steakhouse. The ambiance in our dining area and private rooms is guaranteed to add a touch of luxury to your event. With our gauchos dressed to impress, our tasteful decor, and elegantly set dining tables, you can expect nothing but the best.


We can also assist you with creating the perfect atmosphere in your private party area. Whether you need a table moved to the side or need standing room for guests, we accommodate you. Part of choosing our fine dining restaurant is getting a team eager to help you make your day or night the best time of your life. After you reserve your party or event with us, our coordinators can work with you to bring your vision to life.


Exquisite Food and Cocktails to Match


When you choose to throw your extravaganza at Chima Steakhouse, you get the venue experience with some perks, such as delicious food and cocktails. Instead of picking out a venue, then having to find a place to cater, you get a two-in-one. And trust us, you will love our dining options. Our many salad options, savory cheeses, and soups make the perfect appetizer for you and your guests.


But, what drives home the high-quality feel of the food is our entrees. We have many choices for guests, such as a delicious grilled salmon served with passion fruit sauce or pesto on the side or our staple prime cut and grilled Angus picanha. We have options for all of your guests. We can also work with you around any allergies or food concerns people in attendance may have. All you have to do is let us know, and we find a solution or a dish that works.



As far as our cocktails go, you can expect nothing but perfection. Our cocktail list is extensive, ensuring your guests have a beverage of their choice at your party or event. Similar to food, our team can work with you to ensure any champagne for toasts and other celebratory instances are provided. Private parties in Charlotte, Philadelphia, Fort Lauderdale, and Tysons Corner are catered to your needs when you come to Chima Steakhouse.


Book Your Private Party or Event at Chima Steakhouse Today!


No matter what the occasion is, have your private parties in Charlotte, Philadelphia, Fort Lauderdale, and Tysons Corner at Chima Steakhouse. Between our fine dining atmosphere, delicious food and drinks, and friendly staff to assist you, you can host a flawless event. To get started reserving space for your event, reach out to our contacts in each city. Feel free to either call or email to learn more about hosting a party or event at Chima Steakhouse. In the meantime, visit our website to get a deeper look into our mouthwatering menu (


Fort Lauderdale Contact: Ashley Williams at (954) 334-3930 or


Charlotte Contact: Aline Decker at (980) 225-5008 or


Tyson’s Corner Contact: Christina Mohr at (703) 639-3088 or


Philadelphia Contact: Jackie Gorecki at (215) 531-5831 or



July 2021