Enjoy Live Music and Happy Hour Specials at Chima Steakhouse

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Once the clock hits 5:00 pm, it’s officially time for happy hour! And what better way to celebrate being off the clock than by going out for dinner and drinks at Chima Steakhouse in Charlotte, Fort Lauderdale, Tysons Corner, or Philadelphia. Whichever location is local to you, you get guaranteed a night of fun, mouth watering food, delicious drinks, and live music. Essentially, our Chima Steakhouse team does everything we can to make your evening and night one that you remember for the long term. Dining and drinking at Chima Steakhouse are not the same as going to any upscale restaurant; it’s an experience like nothing else out there. Continue reading below to get a better idea of what you can expect when you and your loved ones spend their happy hour and evening at Chima Steakhouse.


Entertainment That Adds to the Atmosphere

If there’s one thing that adds to the ambiance of happy hour, it’s live music! Live music takes the environment to the next level, enhancing everything you already loved about Chima Steakhouse in Charlotte, Fort Lauderdale, Tysons Corner, and Philadelphia. While you enjoy your happy hour drinks and appetizers, you can sit back and relax, enjoying the music and upscale atmosphere. Not only is happy hour a lively time in the evening, but it’s where everyone wants to let loose. Whether you just finished work and want to hang out with some co-workers or are catching up with friends, Chima Steakhouse is the place to go as soon as it hits 5:00 pm.


Delicious Cocktails That Are Expertly Crafted


Happy hour would not be the same without expertly crafted cocktails. At Chima Steakhouse in Charlotte, Fort Lauderdale, Tysons Corner, and Philadelphia, our guests can expect a menu of wine, beer, champagne, cocktails, and more. Whatever tickles your fancy, we have it here or can make it for you. Not sure what drink you want? Our staff can give you suggestions based on what you like. Our goal is to present the ultimate happy hour experience, and one way we do that is by ensuring you have a drink that you can’t get enough of. However, the drinks are only part of what makes happy hour a great way to spend your evening.


Call our Reservation department of our closest location for more information and details.



*Live music and DJ schedules may vary by location and weather permitting.

*Happy hour and bar specials may vary depending on location.

*No reservations needed for the bar & lounge area. First come first serve.