Key Points for Planning any Corporate Event


Corporate event planning is stressful at any time, but especially as the year draws to an end. Around this time, these events are intended to help boost final quarter sales, create partnerships for the coming year, and promote establish your brand as an authority in the field. Successful corporate events like conferences or banquets can […]

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The Secret to the Most Dazzling Corporate Holiday Party


Want to know the secret to hosting the most dazzling corporate holiday party or event? The answer is Chima Steakhouse! The secret is actually out, as more and more people have been calling Chima to book their corporate holiday dinners and events before the holiday rush. If you have been looking for the best place […]

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Friends-giving at Chima Steakhouse!


The holidays are quickly approaching, and for many people, the holidays are spent with friends instead of family. For a variety of reasons, going to a family home to warm and welcoming celebrations may not be possible. A popular trend during the holidays is “Friends-giving,” or, celebrating group parties with your friends over the holidays. The […]

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Savory Holiday Celebrations at Chima Steakhouse in Philadelphia


‘Tis the season to start planning holiday parties, family celebrations and holiday meals with your friends at Chima Steakhouse in Philadelphia! You can light up someone’s holiday season with a unique party or event that they will be talking about for the rest of the year! Guests don’t just come to Chima restaurants for a meal; […]

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Planning Your Holiday Parties in Charlotte


With the winter holiday season fast approaching, many groups and businesses across the country are beginning to plan their yearly holiday parties. Planning early helps to prevent the last-minute stress and disappointing, limited options. No matter the size of the group, hosting a holiday party is a yearly traditional many people anticipate. For those planning […]

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Five More Reasons to Celebrate the Holidays at Chima Steakhouse


It’s never too early to be planning to celebrate the holidays at Chima Steakhouse in Fort Lauderdale! September is in full swing, and there are plenty of holidays to look forward to celebrating this Fall. There are so many reasons to celebrate the holidays in steakhouse-style with Chima Fort Lauderdale. Chima offers you and your […]

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The Most Engaging Weddings at All Four Chima Restaurants!


Chima Steakhouses offer a unique wedding venue located in a premier restaurant with a chic and upscale vibe – combined with an international flair – making it the perfect setting to host your dream wedding. The dedicated event teams at all of our Chima Steakhouse locations have turned creating special events into a tasteful art […]

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Lobster Mondays Special is Back at Chima Steakhouses!


Start your week off right with Lobster Mondays at all four locations of Chima Steakhouses! Join us every Monday night to enjoy our enticing Chima Steakhouse full rodizio meat menu with our mouth-watering and sweet lobster special. You’ll be happily licking your buttery fingers after this amazing feast for just $56.90. Are you looking for […]

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Holiday Party Incentive: Get Rewarded to Host a Party at Chima!


Now there’s even more of an incentive to host a holiday party at Chima Steakhouse! It’s that time of year again, when summer is coming to end, and we have one more holiday left before the Fall/Winter holidays are upon us – the perfect time to plan a holiday party. Thanks to our mission to provide the most exceptional […]

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