chima logo By Chima Steakhouse 24/10/2019

Call Chima for Complete Event Planning!

This is the season for some of the biggest corporate events in town, and one poor decision can actually derail your perfectly planned office Christmas party! With so many things on your corporate event planning checklist and the many challenges facing a corporate event planner in 2019, wouldn’t it be great if there were a simple solution? Well there is! Chima Steakhouses complete one-stop-shopping for all your corporate event planning needs.

If you have been tasked with the overwhelming job of planning a corporate event, then you need to be like an event detective and start asking a million questions, such as: How many people will be attending the event? Is your company paying it for? Who will be hosting or speaking at your corporate event? Do you need to provide Wi-Fi, a podium, and TV screen? Where will you host your event? Is there a place that can help with all of this with no need for outside vendors since they offer a complete and comprehensive corporate event package? Yes! That’s what we’re saying-Chima Steakhouse!

Our VIP rooms are equipped with TV, wireless Internet, and wireless microphones. Chima offers an authentic, modern dining experience with an unlimited menu at a fixed price, so there is always something for everyone. Planning a corporate event at Chima will guarantee the best:

  • ENTERTAINMENT:As you enter Chima Restaurants you will immediately feel the energy of our lively servers dressed in the traditional gaucho pants, white dress shirts and boots who wander around Chima each carrying a long skewer of freshly grilled meat to serve guests Rodizio style - meaning food is brought several times to the dining table. 
  • ENORMOUS SELECTION: With more than 30 items on our gourmet salad bar that would satisfy both vegetarians and meat eaters, there is something for everyone at Chima Steakhouse. For those event attendees who are worried that a steakhouse won’t have choices to temp your taste buds, we are confident you will be pleasantly surprised! Other than our famous rodizio meat selection, the most popular dishes at Chima include arugula and mushroom salad, cold smoked salmon, house vegetable soup, hearts of palm, gorgonzola mousse, endive salad, soy salad, a selection of dressings and sauces to put on a salad you make yourself, cheese assortments and freshly baked breads. If seafood floats your boat, we have fresh salmon, seafood salad and smoked salmon with the choice of a pesto sauce or passion fruit sauce. 
  • DESSERTS:Although you will be tempted to enjoy every morsel of your dinner without leaving room for dessert, try to leave at least a few mouthfuls! Our most decadent desserts are the hot chocolate coconut lava cake with vanilla bean ice cream, and a flaky, warm apple strudel pastry resting in hot caramel sauce. All of our desserts are delicious works of art to be seen and tasted, and a perfect ending to a great meal and a great corporate event at Chima.

Now that you have the perfect location, you have some other important things on your planning checklist to think about, and our Chima event managers are here to help you every step of the way! When planning a corporate event at a restaurant like Chima, you have to plan ahead to consider the best framework for your corporate events purpose. Some ideas for corporate events that are a perfect pairing with Chima restaurants are:

  • Business Networking
  • Mix and Mingle Party
  • Annual Meetings
  • Holiday Happy Hour
  • End Of Year Party
  • Dress Up to get Down Events

All of our Chima locations offer the most unique dining experience with a touch of exclusivity. We are located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Tysons Corner, Virginia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Charlotte, North Carolina. From the moment you enter our beautiful locations you feel the warm, welcoming atmosphere that can only be found at Chima restaurants. We are looking forward to booking your corporate event today.