Lobster Mondays Special is Back at Chima Steakhouses!

Start your week off right with Lobster Mondays at all four locations of Chima Steakhouses! Join us every Monday night to enjoy our enticing Chima Steakhouse full rodizio meat menu with our mouth-watering and sweet lobster special. You’ll be happily licking your buttery fingers after this amazing feast for just $56.90.

Are you looking for the best local restaurant for lobster? Chima has got you covered for an end-of-summer feast. We love seeing our Chima regulars as often as possible, and we love meeting and impressing new people as well! This is the perfect time of year to catch our Lobster Mondays special and enjoy all of our traditional, Brazilian rodizio meats, in addition to tasting the sweet and succulent lobster meat, as well as our gourmet salad bar!

The best restaurants always feature more options, and some things are just better together –like our classic, rodizio dinner paired with savory, fresh lobster – for a limited time only. The star of our unlimited servings custom of fine dining will absolutely be our Lobster Mondays at all four of our Chima Steakhouse locations in:

  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Tysons Corner, VA
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • and Charlotte, NC

Lobster Mondays will make a Chima fan out of even the strictest landlubbers, with Maine lobster tails grilled to perfection and paired with our amazing salad bar and bountiful beverage menu.

Make Monday Your Favorite Day: Surf ‘n’ Turf the Chima Way

You know how you never want the summer weekends to end, and Monday is not the most popular day of the week? Now you can make Monday your favorite day when you “Surf ‘n’ Turf” the Chima way! Lobster Mondays at Chima Steakhouse will make Mondays your special occasion night and a great opportunity for the perfect pairing of sea and land.

A fresh supply of finger-licking lobster is readily available for urban dwellers who want a taste of the sea, and at Chima Steakhouses, we aim to please a variety of tastes. Surf ‘n’ Turf used to be considered continental cuisine, but at Chima Steakhouses, you can be sure to get an original, worldly dining experience every night of the week.

You can wash down your succulent Surf ‘n’ Turf with Chima’s international wine list – featuring fine wines. For our Chima cocktail drinkers, we specialize in making the Caipirinha, a potent drink made with cachaca sugar cane spirits. Our world-class bar/lounges open 30 minutes before dinner service from Monday through Friday, and our bar specials run seven days per week with a special menu.

Chima Steakhouse Lobster Mondays and classic, rodizio dining also includes one of the most abundant salad bars and side dishes – making the Surf ‘n’ Turf dining experience at Chima a unique one. Chima restaurants are elegant versions of a “churrascaria.” The churrascaria restaurant is a special place to gather friends and family and give thanks for nature’s bounty. The common characteristic of all of our Chima Steakhouses is a unique style of service in rotation – also known as “rodizio.” Chima restaurants are a popular destination for meat lovers who want to come to our absolute meat mecca for a dining rotation method served by our authentic gauchos, directly to your table. Our complete rodizio menu includes over 15 cuts of meat, offering a variety of beef, lamb, ribs, sausage, pork, chicken and fish.

Chima Steakhouse Lobster Mondays – Special for a Limited Time Only

This August, our Lobster Mondays special is offered for a very special price. Come in to any one of our four Chima Steakhouse locations in Philadelphia, Tysons Corner, Fort Lauderdale, and Charlotte – and enjoy the most amazing, complete rodizio dinner with lobster tails for only $56.90! This offer is valid for a limited time only and subject to change without previous notice.

Holiday Party Incentive: Get Rewarded to Host a Party at Chima!

Now there’s even more of an incentive to host a holiday party at Chima Steakhouse! It’s that time of year again, when summer is coming to end, and we have one more holiday left before the Fall/Winter holidays are upon us – the perfect time to plan a holiday party. Thanks to our mission to provide the most exceptional quality and value for our customers, we are offering an amazing opportunity for you to get rewarded to host a party at Chima!

If you book your holiday party now, you can receive a one-hundred-dollar gift card as the party host, with additional twenty-five-dollar gift cards for each guest attending your holiday party! This amazing Chima Steakhouse promotion is only available for a short time, and must be booked by September 30th, 2019 for holiday parties taking place by December 30th, 2019.

Our elegant, private party rooms at Chima Steakhouse can accommodate a large number of guests, and there’s always plenty of food and drinks to go around! At Chima Steakhouse, our private and semi-private rooms can make your holiday party complete. You can even personalize the space with some of your own holiday decorations. It’s a party, so make the space feel festive and fun! Arrive early if needed, to set things up. Add balloons, tie ribbons around the cloth napkins, or place colorful flowers on the tables.

Getting together with family, friends, co-workers, or acquaintances to celebrate a special occasion calls for a special location – one with good food and good vibes, which always translates into good times. Well-planned parties at a restaurant like Chima Steakhouse provide a robust and lively venue for any kind of party!  We’ve all been to parties in which the food was just ok and there wasn’t enough of it. This will never be a problem at Chima Steakhouse!

Thanks to Chima Steakhouses, you can host your very own holiday party and be rewarded to do it. And the twenty-five-dollar gift cards for each of your guests is the perfect holiday gift! Hosting a dinner party at Chima not only makes you a creator, but also makes you a giver; of hospitality, and a truly unique and enjoyable experience. Think of it as being of service to your co-workers, employees, friends, and family. It’s really a wonderful experience to offer to others.

Hosting a party is not only a great way to initiate friendships, but also a great way to sustain them. Gathering 20 or more of your friends, family, employees, or co-workers is not only a great way for you to coral all of the most important people around you together, but it’s a great way to provide an opportunity for everyone involved to branch out, network, and create new and fruitful relationship, as well. Dinner parties and breaking bread with a group of people facilitates deep discussions, laughter, and bond-creating memories and conversations, which are sorely lacking in our virtual world.

Holiday Specials: Book Now at Chima for Great Party Promos 

Party planning just got easier! But make sure you act now, since an extremely attractive promotion like this one won’t last long. At Chima Steakhouse, we’re here to help with all of the details. Hosting many private parties, we can say that we’re experts in providing a smooth, professional, and delicious event for you and your special guests. We know that when you’re hosting a party, you’ll want the food to give your guests to come with impeccable, raving reviews. At Chima Steakhouse, we’re professionals in this area. With many return customers and outstanding, Five-Star reviews, it’s no wonder we’re one of the country’s best steakhouses.

Chima Steakhouse specializes in Brazilian-style cuisine and offers a traditional, rodizio meat dinner for events. Each guest receives unlimited portions of 16 different cuts of rotisserie meat served by gaucho chefs, unlimited trips to a vast, gourmet salad bar, and unlimited servings of hot side dishes. We also feature appetizers, cold cuts, and delectable desserts, along with a full liquor bar, a great wine selection, and champagne. Now that’s a party!

To host a party at Chima Steakhouse, don’t forget to book by September 30th, 2019 – and your party must take place by December 30th, 2019 for a minimum of 20 guests. The $100 gift card and $25 dinner cards will be given to the party host and guests on the day of the event – to be used on their future visit to Chima. The minimum of 20 guests must be present to be eligible, and the offer is subject to change without notice.

Call our reservation department today for more for more information! We can’t wait to host your dinner.

Tomahawk Tuesday at Chima: Giving You Something to Rave About!

Are you a steak enthusiast looking for a juicy, life-changing culinary experience? Chima’s location-wide Tomahawk Tuesdays will be the highlight of your week! Tomahawk Tuesdays at Chima Steakhouses across the nation are making Tomahawk Tuesdays brim with classic Chima meats grilled to perfection. Now you can join us every Tuesday night at any Chima Steakhouse location and enjoy our Tomahawk Tuesday 48-ounce steak included in our signature rodizio dinner with no extra charge!

What is a Tomahawk Tuesday Steak at Chima?

At Chima Steakhouse, a highly marbled, exquisitely tender and flavorful steak called the “Tomahawk” is a beef rib-eye with five inches of extra rib bone presenting an axe-like shape – giving it the name “Tomahawk.” Not only is our promotional Tomahawk Tuesday a marvel to look at, it’s absolutely delicious, too! You can enjoy our sophisticated and upscale 48-oz. steak included in the full Chima rodizio dinner for $56.90 per person!

The Chima Tomahawk steak is taken from the longest cut of our top-quality steers. These particular parts are particularly tender and soft. When cooked to perfection, our Tomahawk Tuesday steaks combine the elements of their sweet, rich flavor and buttery, melt-in-your-mouth texture. In the culinary world, it can also be referred to as a “Tomahawk Chop,” “Bone-in Rib Eye,” and “Cote du Boeuf.”

Chima Rodizio Meats – Keeping It Real!

At Chima Steakhouse, real, quality meats are our specialty. Our daily selection of chicken, steak, pork, beef, lamb, and sausage cooked in a variety of ways makes Chima an oasis for meat lovers!

Quality and quantity is never an issue at Chima – so come hungry to all our locations, because you will most certainly will leave very full. Our fabulous restaurant locations include:

  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Tyson’s Corner, Virginia
  • Charlotte, North Carolina,
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Something for Everyone at Chima Steakhouse

When you arrive at a Chima Steakhouse, you will notice fragrant aromas that instantly make your mouth water, as well as a friendly staff ready to pamper your every need. You are given a token with one side saying, ‘No Thank You’ and the other side saying, ‘Yes Please!’ When the ‘Yes Please’ token is up, gauchos (meat chefs) will keep offering you our incredible meat selections. When you want to take a rest, just flip the token and they will pass you by. Even if you have people in your party who do not eat meat, Chima has you covered. Our celebrated, gourmet salad bar is outstanding and fresh, with daily selections including scrumptious foods for vegetarians, vegans, and pescatarians alike. Just grab a clean plate when you’re ready, and fill up at your leisure for your decadent dining pleasure.

Tomahawk Tuesdays and Drinks!

You know what pairs really well with Tomahawk Tuesday steaks? A good drink! Many guests enjoy a high-caliber, continental wine or scotch with steak. Chima Steakhouse is well-known for our extensive and delicious drink  menu. Our expert Chima bartenders put a lot of passion into drinks with attention to presentation, taste, and quality. If you are wondering what the best drink pairing goes with your Tomahawk Tuesday dream dinner, we suggest our Chima Caipirinha. The Chima Caipirinha is one of our signature specialties straight from Brazil. Cachaça, sometimes known as Caninha, is Brazil’s most common distilled alcoholic beverage. Caipirinha is actually Brazil’s “national cocktail,” and it is made to perfection here at Chima with Cachaça, sugar, and lime.

Tomahawk Tuesdays at All Chima Locations!

Gather family and friends, have a boys or girls night out, or bring that date you’re trying to impress on the new hot night of the week. Come join us at every Chima Steakhouse countrywide for a Tomahawk Tuesday that will give you something to talk about – if your mouth isn’t too full!

Tomahawk steaks are being served at Chima on Tuesdays at all locations, included in our regular rodizio dinner price of $56.90 per person, with unlimited servings as well. Chima Tomahawk Tuesdays is your new favorite place to go for an upscale, mid-week date night, a birthday party, work event, or simply to celebrate that it’s a Tuesday – and therefore, Tomahawk Steak night at Chima!

Why Choose Chima Steakhouse for Private Parties in Charlotte, NC?

The summertime is a wonderful time for family reunions, weddings, and a great time for families and friends to come together. What better place to unite than Chima Steakhouse? Our restaurant in Charlotte is known for being one-of-a-kind, luxurious, and delicious. There are many reasons to consider Chima Steakhouse as your next holiday stop! Perhaps you’ll book your private parties in Charlotte at our prized restaurant.  

Various Options  

One of the best parts about Chima Steakhouse is that we offer a plethora of options for all of those individuals with particular taste buds. Whether the people in your group are adventurous with their foods or traditional, you’ll be pleased to know that we have a menu that can deliver. Our rotisserie-styled meats are what we’re most known for. Our gauchos (meat chefs) walk around the dining room serving delectable bites from ribeye to steaks, and more. If meats aren’t for you, we also offer a divine salad bar with numerous choices and cheeses!  


We know it’s complicated to find a restaurant that offers reservations; especially during holidays. At Chima, however, we’re proud to give you peace of mind any time a busy day comes around. Rest at ease knowing that you’ve already made your reservations. You won’t have to wait until the last minute to get a spot. Simply show up and let our wonderful team escort you and your family or friends to your table. Reservations are the secret to a smooth and successful evening. 

Extraordinary Customer Reviews  

If you won’t take our word, how about the words of our clients? The diners at Chima Steakhouse have taken time out of their busy schedules to leave kind words for our restaurant. By writing reviews, they highlight our strengths, favorite dishes, and beautiful ambiance. Don’t take our word for it! See the five-star ratings and happy returning customers. 


Last, but certainly not least, the staff members at Chima Steakhouse are incredibly reliable and professional. If you need anything for your private party, you can rest at ease knowing that we can deliver. Our chefs, hosts, and managers are there to ensure that you truly enjoy the evening you’ve put so much work into creating. When you choose Chima Steakhouse, you’re choosing a restaurant that cares.  

To book your private party in Charlotte with Chima Steakhouse, contact our team today. If you’d like to make reservations, you can do so at https://www.chimasteakhouse.com/make-reservation/. We’re ready to exceed your expectations and give you positive memories to remember! We’ll see you when you get here! 

Perks of Choosing a Restaurant to Host Private Events in Fort Lauderdale

Are you hosting an event? Are you hosting a meeting? Did your family nominate you as the event organizer? Perhaps you’re hosting a wedding. If you can answer yes to one of these questions, chances are you’re scrambling to put together an event people will remember. It’s not an easy task to be given, as there are many elements to consider. How many people will arrive? Are you serving main courses, appetizers, or just drinks? Will there be anyone in the group with dietary restrictions? What kind of ambiance will most comfortably suit the group? At Chima Steakhouse, we’ve watched as numerous individuals like you find answers to these questions. While there are plenty of places to host private events in Fort Lauderdale, there are none quite like hosting at Chima Steakhouse. Our beautiful ambiance and ancient banyan trees in our courtyard make an incredible backdrop for any special evening.   

Enjoy the Service  

Another perk of using a restaurant to host your private events is that you can receive help throughout your special occasion. It’s stressful enough to host a party or a get together on your own, let alone be solely responsible. Fortunately, with a restaurant to assist, you can turn to their staff for questions, needs, and requests. The event becomes easier to manage, and therefore, more successful.  

A Variety of Menu Options  

Every dinner party or event has at least one person with a dietary preference or allergy. A restaurant with a variety of menu items helps to eliminate that issue. Additionally, a restaurant with a large menu can ensure that you never under-order. The risk with catering is that you don’t order enough and end up with hungry guests.

Wedding Options  

At Chima Steakhouse, we offer private daytime weddings and private evening weddings. During the day, the wedding party can use the entire restaurant, fitting 250 people. The courtyard, restaurant, main dining room, and more are all available to those looking for a special place for their wedding.

For those who wish to have an evening wedding, there is an option to rent out the entire restaurant. The Evening Buyout Wedding ensures that the restaurant is closed to the public, and it’s just you and your loved ones present for your celebration. Cocktail wedding receptions can also be held in our beautiful courtyard.  

If you’re looking for a place to hold your private events in Fort Lauderdale, you’re in the right place. At Chima Steakhouse, we’ve been hosting private events for South Florida residents for years. We have numerous locations now and take pride that our restaurants can be a place for friends and families to come together. Whether it’s a work event, a wedding party, a prom party, or large reunions, our restaurant can facilitate unforgettable memories. Contact our team today or make a reservation online at https://www.chimasteakhouse.com/make-reservation/. We can’t wait to see you there!