Celebrate Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness at Chima Steakhouse

The Fourth of July is a special holiday that Americans all over the country enjoy celebrating. Besides it being a great day to spend time with loved ones and relax, it’s the day we celebrate our freedoms. And what better way to celebrate life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness than fine dining in Charlotte, Philadelphia, Tysons Corner, or Fort Lauderdale. At Chima Steakhouse, you can celebrate the Fourth of July at any of our upscale locations. What better way to celebrate freedom than to eat delicious food and enjoy delectable cocktails?

Exquisite Cocktail Options for Everyone

No matter if your go-to drink is wine, champagne, or a cocktail, we have plenty of options for you at Chima Steakhouse. We understand that no dinner is complete without the perfect beverage, which is why we have an extensive menu. Not sure what pairs best with your savory meal? Our Chima Steakhouse staff can give you some recommendations. Let our wait staff know what type of drinks you usually go for, and we can get you some suggestions. You might even find that you end the night with a new favorite beverage.

Food to Fit the Occasion

The Fourth of July is a fun holiday that many people enjoy getting in the holiday spirit for. With that said, one of the best ways to get into the holiday mood is to treat yourself to a nice meal and fine dining in Charlotte, Philadelphia, Tysons Corner, and Fort Lauderdale. Whether you choose to enjoy the lavish dining experience with friends or family or treat yourself, you can celebrate the holiday in one of the best ways, with delicious food. At Chima Steakhouse, we have a menu with items guaranteed to make your mouth water. Everything from an array of meats and seafood to refreshing salads and delectable cheeses, there is something to meet all of your cravings. At the end of the night, you might even decide to treat your sweet tooth to one of our exquisite dessert options.

Dining Options That Suit Your Plans

The beauty of the Fourth of July is that you have the freedom to do whatever you want; included in this is choosing where to eat and what food to eat. At Chima Steakhouse, you have dining options available to you. If you and your loved ones want a night in, you don’t need to sacrifice succulent food. Chima Steakhouse brings fine dining in Charlotte, Philadelphia, Tysons Corner, or Fort Lauderdale to you. We have take-out and delivery options that allow you to have the freedom to choose how you enjoy your meal.

Reserve Your Table or Take a Peek at Our Menu!

Whether you want to dine in our luxury restaurant or bring the luxury home with you, you have the option. However, if you choose to eat at a Chima Steakhouse location, it’s best to plan and reserve your table. To do this, all you have to do is go online to the Chima Steakhouse website and fill out some general information about party size and time preference. Or, if you think you might want to dine at home, feel free to take a look at our menu online! At Chima Steakhouse, Fourth of July, fine dining in Charlotte, Philadelphia, Tysons Corner, and Fort Lauderdale is unlike any other celebration.

Celebrate Fathers Day with Upscale Dining at Chima Steakhouse

Father’s Day is a fun day for families and friends everywhere. Whether you have a father you want to celebrate, a loved one who recently became a father, or you have children, Father’s Day commemorates all of this and more. It’s a special day of the year where we can sit back and say thank you to father figures everywhere. One way to say thanks is to treat yourself or your father figure to an upscale dining experience in Fort Lauderdale, Charlotte, Philadelphia, or Tyson’s Corner restaurants, such as Chima Steakhouse. Here at Chima Steakhouse, you can celebrate the special day by enjoying delicious food, delectable drinks, excellent customer service, and your favorite company. But, to get a better of the ways Chima Steakhouse can enhance your Father’s Day celebration, keep reading!

Traditional Rodizio with Unique Flavors

What’s a celebration without good food? There’s no better way to celebrate your father or a loved one who acts as a father figure than to enjoy an upscale dinner. If you have been looking for a day to treat yourself to a nice meal, Father’s Day is the perfect day to do so. One of the best parts about spending your day with us is the array of menu options we have. Whether you love meat or are more of a seafood person, we have options to suit your tastebuds. To give you a sneak peek of our menu, some of our dinner options are our famous Angus picanha, baby top sirloin, Aji chicken, lamb chops, ribeye, salmon, and more. However, that’s just the entree options. We also have delicious appetizer options, such as our salad bar. At the salad bar, you can expect gourmet salads, seafood salads, cheese, and more.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

To end the night, you can enjoy our exquisite dessert options. We have all of the classics, from Cheesecake to a chocolate coconut lava cake and many others. But, if you are looking to try something new, we also have apple strudel, coconut delight, creme brulee, and coconut chocolate lava cake.

Celebrate with Quality Service

If there’s one thing that will enhance the night along with good food and drinks, it’s quality customer service. While people go out to eat to enjoy mouth-watering food and relax with a cocktail, the service plays a role in a fun evening. Here at Chima Steakhouses Fort Lauderdale, Charlotte, Philadelphia, and Tysons Corner restaurants, we have excellent service across the board. Wherever you choose to dine with us, you can expect nothing but great customer service on behalf of all staff.

Reserve Your Table Today!

If you are looking for Father’s Day plans, Chima Steakhouses Fort Lauderdale, Charlotte, Philadelphia, and Tysons Corner restaurants can help. With a reservation at one of our restaurant locations, you can enjoy delicious food, quality drinks and get in the holiday mood with excellent customer service. To make your reservation, visit our website. With our reservation tools, you can enter the number of people and your preferred time from the comfort of your home.

Your Guide to Planning a Wedding in a Fine Dining Restaurant

Wedding season is among us, which means love is in the air. With many couples sealing the deal with a wedding ceremony, it’s safe to say the wedding season is here. And many others are newly engaged. Those who are freshly engaged get to begin the exciting process of planning their special day. And what better way to start planning than to seek inspiration from those newly wedded? We have seen more and more people tying the knot in fine dining restaurants. And here at Chima Steakhouse, we see firsthand how special these ceremonies can be. Between the romantic ambiance, a fine dining establishment has; and the delicious freshly prepared food, these restaurants Charlotte, Philadelphia, Fort Lauderdale, and Tysons Corner are perfect for wedding ceremonies.

An Intimate and Cozy Setting

Restaurants Charlotte, Philadelphia, Fort Lauderdale, and Tysons Corner provide the perfect atmosphere for a wedding ceremony. No matter how big or small your wedding is, we ensure it’s intimate. The atmosphere in our upscale establishments emphasizes a cozier and romantic mood already. But, we hone in on it that much more for your big day. You can also customize the wedding space to fit your needs. Chima Steakhouse offers full rental of the restaurant, or you can reserve one of our private rooms. Whatever setting is best for you and your vision, we can block it off for your special day. Once you have the space reserved, our team can work with you to customize the layout. However you want the tables and chairs arranged, we can do it. Our goal is to make sure your special day is everything you ever imagined it would be.

Decor Made Easy

The biggest perk of going with a fine dining restaurant for a venue is the convenience. You have everything you need for the perfect wedding in one location. Furthermore, the decor is included. Upscale restaurants are already full of tasteful elements. At Chima Steakhouse, our restaurants Charlotte, Philadelphia, Fort Lauderdale, and Tysons Corner all have gorgeous furnishings already. All you have to do is add to it with whatever special touches you want. And any decorations you do add, our team is here and happy to assist! Whatever your vision is, we will help every way we can to bring it to life. Your special day will be nothing short of magical at Chima Steakhouse.

Delicious and Freshly Made Food

In addition to the ideal wedding atmosphere and decorations made easy, Chima Steakhouse has delicious food. Our food is all guaranteed to make your guests mouth water. Also, we have a wide selection of options for you to pick between. From our grilled salmon to our Angus picanha, we have something for everyone. But, you can’t forget the appetizers and sides! Our seasoned chefs cook up delectable soups and put together refreshing salads. You can count on your special day being luxurious and flavorful when you utilize our space for your wedding venue.

Reserve Your Big Day at Our Chima Steakhouse Restaurants Charlotte, Philadelphia, Fort Lauderdale, and Tysons Corner!

If you recently got engaged, let us be among the first people to say congratulations! Not only do you get to start the wedding planning process, but you can look forward to forever with your loved one. The first step in the wedding planning process is usually picking out a venue. Let us save you some time and recommend Chima Steakhouse. By using us, you can expect delicious food and a romantic and intimate atmosphere. To learn more about how to reserve our space for your special day, see below for each location’s contact information.

Contact Information:

Fort Lauderdale contact for weddings and receptions: Ashley Williams at (954) 334-3930 or [email protected]

Charlotte contact for weddings and receptions: Aline Decker at (980) 225-5008 or [email protected]

Tysons Corner contact for special events, weddings, and receptions: Christina Mohr at (703) 639-3088 or [email protected]

Philadelphia contact for weddings and receptions: Jackie Gorecki at (215) 531-5831 or [email protected]

Chima Steakhouse Celebrates Mother’s Day in Style

Sunday, May 9th, 2021, marks Mother’s Day, a day to celebrate moms everywhere and everything they do for us and others. Also, the people who act as a mother. Whether that be a dad, a grandparent, or another extended family member, these people are also special and deserve some love on Mother’s Day. And what better way to say thanks and celebrate than to treat them to a delicious meal? Good food from a rodizio in Charlotte, Tysons Corner, Fort Lauderdale, and Philadelphia is the perfect way to show those you care about appreciation. Not only does exquisite food with many flavors demonstrate your thanks, but it also allows you to spend quality time with this special someone in your life.

Celebratory Upscale Dining Experience

There are many ways to show appreciation for people, but nothing comes close to treating them to an upscale dining experience. At a rodizio Charlotte, Tysons Corner, Fort Lauderdale, and Philadelphia, you are not only getting delicious food and drinks but also excellent service and a stunning setting. Enjoying a meal at home is nice, but it doesn’t compare to eating in a luxury restaurant. There’s just something about sitting down and being wined and dined. The service at Chima Steakhouse is also nothing short of excellent. The staff is attentive and knowledgeable of the menu. Any questions you have about the food or drinks, we can answer and help. Not sure what meal to order on the menu? We can help you decide and give recommendations based on what you like to eat. The same goes for our Chima Steakhouse signature drinks and wine menu.

Extensive Drink Menu

One popular way of relaxing and unwinding is having a drink. And Mother’s Day is the perfect day to relax with your loved ones. The holiday is all about appreciating a motherly figure in your life. One way to do that is by going out to eat and grabbing delicious drinks. You can unwind and spend time with your loved one. While you’re enjoying your food, you can mark the occasion with one of Chima Steakhouses’ delicious signature cocktails. Or, you can pick out some wine or champagne for the table. The list of brands is endless, guaranteeing you find something you love. You might even want to be bold and pick something new. If that’s the case, let our staff know. We can help you choose something you and your loved ones will love and find absolutely delightful.

Flavorsome Food

When you go to a rodizio Charlotte, Tysons Corner, Fort Lauderdale, and Philadelphia, you get tons of flavors. The salad bar alone provides guests with the option to mix unique Brazilian and American flavors. Whether you want something more refreshing or savory, we have it. For meat lovers, there are tons of options available. From grilled salmon with passion fruit sauce to baby top sirloin with the specialty Brazilian cut, you can expect nothing short of deliciousness when it comes to the meat options. But they don’t end there. We also have mouthwatering and creamy soups for you to choose from. Your Mother’s Day celebration is bound to be nothing short of delectable.

Reserve Your Table Today!

Chima Steakhouse has much to offer when it comes to fine dining, drinks, and food, making it the perfect place to celebrate a motherly figure in your life. And Mother’s Day is right around the corner, too! Make sure you reserve your table as soon as possible so you can ensure you celebrate Mother’s Day in style. To do so, go on the Chima Steakhouse website and select how large or small your party is, then pick a date and time. After that, you are all set, and our team handles the rest.

3 Special Ways to Celebrate Graduation in 2021

As soon as March hits, the Springtime is here. And spring means graduation season is among us. In only a few short months, the 2021 graduates will walk across the stage and celebrate closing a chapter of their life. If you are a graduate, be proud of everything you have accomplished. Completing school at any level, whether it be high school, college, master’s, and beyond, is a huge accomplishment. This achievement is one that you should absolutely celebrate, too. It’s a day to remember and needs to be treated as such. From April 1st to July 31st, mention your graduation date and school to receive a special price on rodizio meals from Sunday through Thursday, $48.90 per person. We also have special packages for parties of 15+ guests available. When it comes to the different ways to celebrate graduating, Chima Steakhouse has you covered. Keep reading to get ideas of three fun ways to celebrate this special day.

  1. Dine at an Upscale Restaurant

One of the best ways to celebrate any special occasion is with food. Everyone loves a good meal, and here at Chima Steakhouse, we deliver. Wherever you are graduating, we have reservations open for you. Our upscale restaurants in Charlotte, Fort Lauderdale, Philadelphia, and Tysons Corner can accommodate you and your party. We also have an extensive menu full of delicious dinner options. For our meat lovers, we offer more than 15 rotisserie meats. Some of these meats include top sirloin, filet mignon, chicken, lamb, ribs, pork, and sausage. Have a craving for seafood? We have you covered with our delicious grilled salmon and seafood salad. The salad options do not end there either. Our salad bar has many flavors to choose from, with classic Brazilian and American flavor blend options available. And we can’t forget our many soups and cheeses to pick from. All in all, your dining experience at Chima Steakhouse is bound to be one filled with exquisite food.

  1. Reserve a Private Room

Graduating is a huge accomplishment. With that said, you may have many family members and friends who want to celebrate your achievement with you. With that said, you are going to need a larger space to accommodate everyone. Here at Chima Steakhouse, your upscale restaurant in Charlotte, Fort Lauderdale, Philadelphia, and Tysons Corner, we have a room available to host your special day. All you have to do is reach out to our special event contacts, and we can get started on planning your graduation celebration. With a large private room, you can comfortably fit all of your guests and celebrate spring graduation surrounded by all of your loved ones. See below to get the contact information for our special events staff.

  1. Take the Luxury With You

Sometimes, we want to take the luxurious vibes of an upscale restaurant in Charlotte, Fort Lauderdale, Philadelphia, and Tysons Corner with us. And the good news is, you can do that with Chima Steakhouse. We offer take-out and delivery options at all of our four locations. That way, our guests can enjoy our mouth-watering food in the comfort of their own homes. Whether you have festivities scheduled at your house for graduation or enjoy eating at home, we understand and want to accommodate you. The delicious food at Chima Steakhouse is not exclusive to dining in the restaurant. Anything you want to take to go, you can do so.

Schedule Your 2021 Graduation Plans Today!

With school graduation right around the corner, it never hurts to have a set plan in place. With thousands of students graduating looking for dinner plans, reservations go fast. Be sure to reserve your special day at Chima Steakhouse sooner rather than later! To do so, go to our website and put in some general information about your party size and time and date preference. Or, if you want to reserve space for a private event, reach out to our staff. The contact information is below for each location. On behalf of Chima Steakhouse, congratulations on graduating!

Contact for parties of 15+ guests:

Fort Lauderdale

Ashley Williams at (954) 334-3930

[email protected]


Aline Decker at (980) 225-5008

[email protected]

Tyson’s Corner

Christina Mohr at (703) 639-3088

[email protected]


Jackie Gorecki at (215) 531-5831

[email protected]