3 Special Ways to Celebrate Graduation in 2021

As soon as March hits, the Springtime is here. And spring means graduation season is among us. In only a few short months, the 2021 graduates will walk across the stage and celebrate closing a chapter of their life. If you are a graduate, be proud of everything you have accomplished. Completing school at any level, whether it be high school, college, master’s, and beyond, is a huge accomplishment. This achievement is one that you should absolutely celebrate, too. It’s a day to remember and needs to be treated as such. From April 1st to July 31st, mention your graduation date and school to receive a special price on rodizio meals from Sunday through Thursday, $48.90 per person. We also have special packages for parties of 15+ guests available. When it comes to the different ways to celebrate graduating, Chima Steakhouse has you covered. Keep reading to get ideas of three fun ways to celebrate this special day.

  1. Dine at an Upscale Restaurant

One of the best ways to celebrate any special occasion is with food. Everyone loves a good meal, and here at Chima Steakhouse, we deliver. Wherever you are graduating, we have reservations open for you. Our upscale restaurants in Charlotte, Fort Lauderdale, Philadelphia, and Tysons Corner can accommodate you and your party. We also have an extensive menu full of delicious dinner options. For our meat lovers, we offer more than 15 rotisserie meats. Some of these meats include top sirloin, filet mignon, chicken, lamb, ribs, pork, and sausage. Have a craving for seafood? We have you covered with our delicious grilled salmon and seafood salad. The salad options do not end there either. Our salad bar has many flavors to choose from, with classic Brazilian and American flavor blend options available. And we can’t forget our many soups and cheeses to pick from. All in all, your dining experience at Chima Steakhouse is bound to be one filled with exquisite food.

  1. Reserve a Private Room

Graduating is a huge accomplishment. With that said, you may have many family members and friends who want to celebrate your achievement with you. With that said, you are going to need a larger space to accommodate everyone. Here at Chima Steakhouse, your upscale restaurant in Charlotte, Fort Lauderdale, Philadelphia, and Tysons Corner, we have a room available to host your special day. All you have to do is reach out to our special event contacts, and we can get started on planning your graduation celebration. With a large private room, you can comfortably fit all of your guests and celebrate spring graduation surrounded by all of your loved ones. See below to get the contact information for our special events staff.

  1. Take the Luxury With You

Sometimes, we want to take the luxurious vibes of an upscale restaurant in Charlotte, Fort Lauderdale, Philadelphia, and Tysons Corner with us. And the good news is, you can do that with Chima Steakhouse. We offer take-out and delivery options at all of our four locations. That way, our guests can enjoy our mouth-watering food in the comfort of their own homes. Whether you have festivities scheduled at your house for graduation or enjoy eating at home, we understand and want to accommodate you. The delicious food at Chima Steakhouse is not exclusive to dining in the restaurant. Anything you want to take to go, you can do so.

Schedule Your 2021 Graduation Plans Today!

With school graduation right around the corner, it never hurts to have a set plan in place. With thousands of students graduating looking for dinner plans, reservations go fast. Be sure to reserve your special day at Chima Steakhouse sooner rather than later! To do so, go to our website and put in some general information about your party size and time and date preference. Or, if you want to reserve space for a private event, reach out to our staff. The contact information is below for each location. On behalf of Chima Steakhouse, congratulations on graduating!

Contact for parties of 15+ guests:

Fort Lauderdale

Ashley Williams at (954) 334-3930

[email protected]


Aline Decker at (980) 225-5008

[email protected]

Tyson’s Corner

Christina Mohr at (703) 639-3088

[email protected]


Jackie Gorecki at (215) 531-5831

[email protected]

Celebrate Easter Sunday at Chima Steakhouse!

Easter is one day of the year that many people come together with loved ones and celebrate the holiday. Everyone has different traditions, but one thing many people do is grab lunch after the morning festivities. And what better way to come together and enjoy time with your loved ones than to eat at Chima Steakhouse? Here at Chima Steakhouse, we offer fine dining Philadelphia, Charlotte, Fort Lauderdale, and Tysons Corner. Our upscale restaurants will allow you and your loved ones to relax and truly enjoy your Easter Sunday meal.

Mouth-Watering Food

Holidays are the perfect day for people to come together and celebrate, and Easter is no different. On Easter Sunday, we celebrate our beliefs and loved ones. And to top off the festivities is delicious food. Many of us enjoy eating out and having a fine dining restaurant experience during the holidays. Here at Chima Steakhouse, we can’t say we blame you, either. Going out to eat is the perfect treat on Easter. And we have a delicious menu to make your holiday that much better. Chima Steakhouse fine dining Philadelphia, Charlotte, Fort Lauderdale, and Tysons Corner are the best places to dine out. Between our 15 rotisserie meat options and our refreshing salad bar, there is an option for everyone. We also have mouth-watering soups, delectable cheeses, and traditional Brazilian hot dishes. Whichever meal you want to celebrate the holiday with, you are guaranteed to find it to be delicious.

Excellent Customer Service

One of the many things that set fine dining establishments apart from other restaurants is customer service. When you walk into Chima Steakhouse, you get welcomed in by our friendly staff. We make sure to make everyone feel at home when they enter our establishments. Part of fine dining Philadelphia, Charlotte, Fort Lauderdale, and Tysons Corner is the warm interactions with the servers and gauchos. As the gauchos walk around the room, they interact with you and offer a selection of our carefully cut meats, such as chicken, sirloin, fish, lamb, filet mignon, beef ribs, and picanha. We aim to bring you authentic rodizio to your table. The food, along with the excellent customer service, will create an experience you will never forget. Dining at Chima Steakhouse is like nowhere else.

Hand-Crafted Cocktails and Exquisite Wines

There’s no better way to complete an Easter Sunday meal than with a Chima Steakhouse hand-crafted cocktail. Our cocktails are expertly crafted and full of flavor. Not sure which drink to get? Our servers can point you in the right direction, making recommendations based on what will pair best with your meal. But our signature cocktails are not all we have to offer. We also have a wide selection of wines. Whether you have had your eye on trying a new bottle or are open to anything new, we have you covered. Our wine selection is vast and includes something for everyone.

Reserve Your Easter Sunday Table Today!

With Easter Sunday right around the corner, reserving your Chima Steakhouse table as soon as possible is a good idea. Tons of people enjoy spending the holiday dining at an upscale establishment, making it vital to reserve your table sooner rather than later. To make your reservation at any of our four locations, simply go on the website and put in your party size, date, and time preference. From there, our team handles the rest. All you have to do is pencil down your reservation and look forward to your fine dining experience in Philadelphia, Charlotte, Fort Lauderdale, or Tysons Corner.

Goodbye 2020…It’s Almost Time to Ring in 2021 with Chima!

If you’re looking for somewhere to celebrate this New Year’s, look no further than Chima Steakhouse! We have an amazing menu filled with something for everyone to enjoy. The holidays are a great time for friends and relatives to gather for festivities, eat, drink, and celebrate. From the moment you enter our beautiful locations you feel the warm, welcoming atmosphere that can only be found at Chima restaurants. If you want to spend New Year’s at one of the city’s best restaurants, join us at Chima for your group party, family-style celebration, or even your romantic dinner for two. This New Year’s, you can feast your eyes and your appetite on one of the most exceptional restaurants in town with Chima Steakhouse. 

Of course, there’s one type of food that takes center stage at our steakhouse, and that’s our “rodizio” style meat cuts. Rodizio is a classic Brazilian preparation style in which meats are skewered and cooked to perfection. The meats are then brought tableside, sliced straight from the skewer, directly to your plate. We’ll keep bringing out our world-famous rodizio dishes until you’ve had your fill. At Chima Steakhouse we’re proud to offer many different flavors and tastes to meet every palate. Whether you prefer gaucho classics such as picanha, baby top sirloin or filet mignon, we’ve got the perfect dish for you! For those seeking other options, our boneless chicken, fresh swordfish and salmon are sure to impress.    

You can enjoy many different types of meat, such as:  

  • Top Sirloin (Picanha)  
  • Ribeye  
  • Beef Ribs 
  • Lamb Chops    
  • Filet Mignon    
  • Leg of Lamb   
  • Sausage  
  • Boneless Chicken 

Spread a little cheer during the most magical time of the year with Chima Steakhouse! Bring your New Year’s Eve experience to the next level with Chima Steakhouse at one of our locations: Tysons Corner, VA, Fort Lauderdale, FL, and Charlotte, NC. At Chima, our full-service group dining is customized to fit any of your needs so you can get wrapped up in the feasting and festivities and not the planning! 

If you’re ready to make a reservation for this New Year’s Eve, contact us at Chima Steakhouse today. We’re here to make sure you enjoy the holiday season and start the New Year off right. Make sure you don’t miss out on the best holiday feasts available! If you’re wondering where to eat a holiday feast in your city this New Year’s try Chima Steakhouses for traditional steakhouse dining, a staff who are authentically regional, impeccable service, and chic ambiance in a true neighborhood staple with worldly flare. We look forward to ringing in the New Year with you at Chima Steakhouse. Stay tuned for more details on what we’re cooking up for New Year’s! 

Start Your New Thanksgiving Tradition with Chima!

Start a new Thanksgiving tradition at Chima Steakhouse! Bring your family and loved ones to celebrate with us! With our mouth-watering menu items and welcoming decor, you’ll feel like you’re part of the Chima family from the moment you walk through our doors this holiday. We are offering the traditional Thanksgiving favorites you know and love in, addition to our full rodizio! Chima will be open from 12pm to 8pm on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 26th, at all locations. Our full Rodizio menu plus Thanksgiving favorites will be just $56.90 per person all day. Don’t stress about planning your Thanksgiving meal this year, instead bring the family to Chima Steakhouse and enjoy some quality time while eating a fantastic meal with the ones you love.

When you visit Chima Steakhouse you can choose from a variety of meat cuts and our delicious salad bar. In addition to our regular menu, our chefs will also be preparing the traditional Thanksgiving favorites including:

  • Roasted turkey
  • Stuffing
  • Cranberry sauce
  • Gravy
  • Mashed sweet potatoes
  • Green bean casserole
  • Cornbread

Whether you love traditional Thanksgiving food or you’d rather eat some of our other favorites, there will be no shortage of delicious meats to choose from at Chima Steakhouse. Our gauchos will walk around the restaurant and serve you a variety of our different rotisserie meats including sirloin, filet, ribs, pork, lamb, fish and more. You can have as much or as little as you’d like as our gauchos slice the freshly cooked meat onto your plate.  

At Chima Steakhouse our food is made to perfection. Our chefs take great pride in the presentation and quality of our huge menu selection. We have a wide variety of food options to satisfy any taste, from our salad bar, meats, and our famous desserts. With our buffet style menu you can either indulge in your favorite type of meat or try something new. Treat the family to a wonderful meal with us at Chima Steakhouse for Thanksgiving this year. We’ll do all the cooking and cleaning up, so you can just eat delicious food and spend quality time with your family and friends.  

Don’t wait! Reserve your table at Chima Steakhouse today and know that you’ve got an amazing time in store for you and your loved ones this Thanksgiving! Whether you want to come in for a Thanksgiving lunch or dinner, our locations are all open from 12pm to 8pm, so you and your family can come when you’d like. We look forward to making this Thanksgiving a special one for you and your family. Call today to book your reservation! 

*No coupons accepted on 11/26/20.
*$56.90 per person all day.

The Perfect Holiday Gift Card – Now with Rewards!

Recieve a $25 Dinner card for every $100 gift card purchase!

With the winter holiday season fast approaching, many families, groups and businesses across the country are beginning to plan their yearly holiday parties. At Chima Steakhouse, we do everything we can to ease the stress of your holiday planning! We make things easy for you so you don’t have to worry about the planning of your holiday party. Plus, your employees will love a party at Chima Steakhouse! We have a variety of meats to choose from, a huge salad bar, wonderful drink menu, and mouth watering desserts. Our gauchos will help create a fun and festive environment that your guests are sure to love.  

Now is the perfect time to start planning your next holiday party. Chima Steakhouse is the best option for hosting a holiday party. Whether you’re celebrating a special holiday occasion with family and friends, hosting a party for your business, or trying to impress an important client, Chima Steakhouse is the perfect location for your celebration. We offer delicious food and amazing hospitality, and our gauchos will make sure everyone enjoys their meal and has a wonderful evening. We have VIP rooms and business dining, as well as a lively, upscale, casual atmosphere and a must-try salad bar. 

Hosting a party for the holidays is much easier when everything is being taken care of in one place, with people who know how to host a great party! Every Chima location has the right space for your gathering, whether it’s a small party or a large event! It’s the holidays, so feel free to make your holiday party feel festive and fun! Arrive early to set up decorations in true home-style fashion, add balloons, tie ribbons or place colorful flowers and arrangements on the tables. 

One of the most important parts of any holiday party is the food and drinks! At Chima Steakhouse you’re sure to impress your guests with a feast of delicious foods of all varieties and drinks to make it all the merrier. In addition to our drink menus, we’re sure to have something to eat for everyone. Our holiday parties provide food celebrations with everything from tender pieces of filet mignon wrapped in bacon, to grilled salmon served with passion fruit sauce on the side. Our dessert menu includes chocolate lava cake filled with coconut ganache, served with vanilla ice cream. When you host your holiday party at Chima Steakhouse, there is something for every guest to enjoy.  

Book your holiday party now with Chima and receive a special gift card promotion for the holidays! Right now Chima Steakhouse is offering $25 off for every $100 gift card purchase (online or in stores) from October 20th to December 31st, 2020. The $25 off dinner card is valid from January 1st to June 30th, 2021. This is valid towards a complete rodizio purchase. Dine- in only. These gift cards can be redeemed every day of the week. Don’t wait to plan your holiday party this year! Call Chima Steakhouse today and receive our special gift card promotion when booking your holiday party or event. We look forward to seeing you and your guests this holiday season!  

*Offers, discounts and coupons cannot be combined.