Show Your Military Appreciation With a Delicious Meal

It’s true what they say, food is the key to the heart. Everyone can appreciate a savory meal at a fine dining restaurant in Philadelphia, Tysons Corner, Charlotte, and Fort Lauderdale. And what better way to say thank you to the troops or veterans than by taking them out to a delicious meal and even better cocktails? Here at Chima Steakhouse, we appreciate everything our military does for us. The sacrifices they make and everything they do to keep us safe do not go unnoticed. With that said, we want to show our appreciation by celebrating Military Appreciation Month in March. To get an idea of what to expect in March, see below. We give you and our troops a sneak peek at what we have going on at Chima Steakhouse.

Upscale Dining

There is something about a fine dining restaurant in Philadelphia, Tysons Corner, Charlotte, and Fort Lauderdale that has a certain ambiance. When you walk into the front door at Chima Steakhouse, you are wrapped in a warm, welcoming environment. Everything about each restaurant location represents fine dining. Between the decor and the general atmosphere, your upscale dining experience awaits you. And to say our troops and veterans deserve the most is an understatement. For everything they have done for us, the least we can all do is celebrate them at a fine dining establishment. Here at Chima Steakhouse, our customer service is top tier. Our staff is all attentive to guests and knowledgeable about our menu. Whatever you are curious about, whether it be drinks or food, we can help. Not sure what to order? Despite an extensive menu full of delectable choices, our staff can point you in the right direction.

Great Food and Even Better Company

Between a savory meal and amazing company, we can’t ask for much else. And here at Chima Steakhouse, that’s exactly what you get. We offer all kinds of dinner options for you to choose between. Whether you have a love of steaks or seafood, we have options for you. Each option is better than the last. The best part is that you can enjoy the delicious food with your loved ones. Your loved one may be a veteran or an active service member, either way, we want to show them our thanks and appreciation. When any active service member, or veteran, comes in to dine with us in March, they get $10 off per person for a party up to 4! All you have to do is mention the code Military Month when making your reservation or to your server prior to ordering. This offer is valid everyday during the month of March.

What’s Dinner Without Dessert

If there’s one thing every meal needs, it’s dessert. While many of us love our savory meats and refreshing salads, we can’t forget about our sweet tooth. After you enjoy your mouth-watering meal, check out our dessert options. One option many people are a big fan of is our chocolate coconut lava cake. From location to location, every Chima Steakhouse restaurant has a love for this option. And we can’t say we blame them. The coconut ganache paired with the rich chocolate is pure heaven. And to add to this delicious combination of flavors, we have a scoop of vanilla ice cream included combining that luscious combination of hot and cold. When it comes to desserts, Chima Steakhouse fine dining in Philadelphia, Tysons Corner, Charlotte, and Fort Lauderdale never misses.

Make Your Reservation Today!

With March right around the corner, making your reservation as soon as possible is a good idea. Here at Chima Steakhouse, your local restaurant for fine dining in Philadelphia, Tysons Corner, Charlotte, and Fort Lauderdale, we have your military appreciation month plans ready for you. All you have to do is go online to our website and make a reservation for your city, time, date, and party number. After you do that, we handle the rest.

New Year, New Beginnings: Welcome 2021 with a Luxury Dining Experience at Chima Steakhouse!

After such an eventful year, we all deserve to start the new year off with a bang to celebrate! It’s no secret that we are all looking forward to the start of a new beginning, and here at Chima, we couldn’t agree more.  

As the premier choice for those seeking amazing food and dining experiences, we know how to celebrate and we know how to have a good time! We also know that no celebration is set without great food, drinks, and a beautiful ambiance, that’s where we come in! 

With an array of freshly prepared salads lining our salad bar and the aroma of traditional Brazilian rodizio throughout the dining room, we guarantee a luxury dining experience like none other.  

Did we mention that our Gauchos (Meat Chefs) roam the dining area offering over 15 rotisserie meats including: 

  • Top sirloin 
  • Filet 
  • Ribs 
  • Lamb 
  • Pork  
  • Chicken  
  • Sausage 
  • Fish 

A Mouth-Watering Menu 

With a new year and new dining experiences at Chima comes the opportunity to dive into our beautifully prepared dishes. If you’ve been wanting to try something new and not exactly sure what, we have got you covered!  

Whether you’re a creature of habit and you choose something you’re familiar with, or you choose to venture out of your comfort zone and try something new, our menu offers a variety of mouth-watering options that are sure to please! 

Beautifully Prepared Meats 

With new beginnings comes new inspiration and with our menu, you may just find yourself motivated to try out a new dish. For example, our Top Sirloin is a crowd favorite! This Brazilian specialty cut is served with the option to add our special garlic sauce and definitely something to rave about!  If you aren’t a steak lover, we offer other tasty options such as pork, boneless chicken, and fish to choose from. You can browse our meat options here.  

Fresh Salad Options & More 

Not only are we experts at preparing a variety of meats, but we also offer a variety of fresh salad options for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something to excite your tastebuds like our Peach Pomegranate Frisee Salad, or something full and robust like our Eggplant Salad, we have the salad for you!

Delicious Desserts 

We didn’t forget about dessert and neither should you!  At Chima Steakhouse, like much of our menu, we do dessert a little differently. Our chefs have taken the decadent desserts you are used to and added our own flair to give you dessert options you are bound to remember! From our Brazilian trio with brigadeiro, beijinho, and walnut cream to our traditional Brazilian flan, we have tons of dessert options for you to choose from, all of which are sure to make you want to celebrate!  

Delicious Hand-crafted Cocktails 

The perfect dining experience isn’t complete without Chima Steakhouse’s signature cocktails. Whether you want to start the year off with your favorite bottle of wine, a glass of champagne, or one of our hand-crafted drinks, we have it all.  

The best way to say goodbye to the year is by saying hello to an expertly crafted drink of your choice and Chima has the drink for you!  

A Cozy and Luxurious Ambience to Celebrate 

One thing everyone wants on New Years’ is the ideal day or night with the perfect environment and setting. For some of us, that’s a nice cozy night with friends, and for others, it’s a new experience shared with those we love. At Chima Steakhouse, you get both, making dining with us, the perfect dining experience to celebrate new beginnings! Whether you want to dine inside and enjoy the cool air, or dine inside and enjoy our more intimate options, we can accommodate! 

Say Goodbye to 2020… 

Say goodbye to 2020 and hello to 2021 with Chima Steakhouse. Set the tone for your new beginning with the right people, great food, delicious drinks, and a new dining experience! 

Secure your table today by choosing the location nearest you and choosing your reservation date!  

We can’t wait to celebrate this new beginning with you! 

Say Goodbye to 2020 and Cheers to 2021 with Chima’s Bar Specials!

If you are looking for the perfect place to unwind over drinks and light fare, look no further than the Chima Steakhouse! Just like mixing the perfect cocktail, Chima brings all the right ingredients together, including a comfortable atmosphere, amazing service, and quality of food that far exceeds what most people expect from a franchise happy hour offering. 

Whether you are in or near Charlotte, NC, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Philadelphia, PA, or Tysons Corner, VAChima Steakhouse wants to roll out the red carpet and help ensure your next event is memorable for all the right reasons… 

Charlotte, NC 

Our Chima Bar & Lounge in Charlotte is open 7 days a week, with everyday specials such as $7 Bar Special Cocktails (including Brazilian Sunrises, Tropical Bourbons and Chi Martinis), $4 Coors Light and Miller Lite, and $7 for select Red and White Wines. And every Wednesday, we offer the Caipirinha Special (fresh limes muddled with sugar and cachaca; also available in strawberry and passion fruit) also just $7! 

There are daily Bar Specials on food from 5-8PM ($5 Pastels, $6 Aji Chicken Skewers w/Pineapple, and $8 Sliders), as well as Select Bite-Size Appetizers (Caprese Skewers, Artichoke Pesto Puffs, Beef Carpaccio or Cantaloupe and Prosciutto Di Parma) for just $5 each or 3 for $12.95, all night long! Plus an incredible assortment of additional appetizers, sliders, burgers, salads, items off the grill and traditional sides, all available for service in the Bar & Lounge. 

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 

Florida loves their Happy Hours, and our Ft. Lauderdale Chima Steakhouse Bar & Lounge in the Courtyard has them 7 days a week from 5 to 8PM (for Bar patrons only). Enjoy $7 (Spicy Passion Fruit Margarita, Cucumber Cooler, Moscow Mule, Lychee Martini, Caipirinha, and Mojito) and $8 (Watermelon Martini, Old Fashioned, or Chima Sunrise) Happy Hour Cocktails, $7 Red and White Wine, $3 Domestic, Imported OR Craft Beers, plus ½ off Well Drinks! 

There are daily Happy Hour Specials on food also from 5-8PM ($5 Pastels and $6 Aji Chicken Skewers w/Pineapple), as well as Select Bite-Size Appetizers (Caprese Skewers, Artichoke Pesto Puffs, Beef Carpaccio or Cantaloupe and Prosciutto Di Parma) for just $5 each or 3 for $12.95, all night long! Plus, an incredible assortment of additional appetizers, sliders, burgers, salads, items off the grill and traditional sides, all available for service in the Bar & Lounge/Courtyard. 


The Chima Steakhouse Bar & Lounge in Philly also offers Happy Hour 7 days a week, but from 5 to 7PM, and also only for bar patrons. There you’ll find $6 (Caipirinha, Mojito, and Margarita) and $7 (Sparkling Pineapple and City of Raspberry) Cocktails, as well as $5 House Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay or Well Drinks, $3 Domestic Beer, $4 Imported Beer, and $4 Yuengling, Miller and Blue Moon Drafts (Stella Drafts are $5).  

There are daily Happy Hour Specials on food also from 5-7PM ($5 Pastels, $6 Aji Chicken Skewers w/Pineapple or Bruschetta Trio, and $8 Sliders), as well as Select Bite-Size Appetizers (Caprese Skewers, Artichoke Pesto Puffs, Beef Carpaccio or Cantaloupe and Prosciutto Di Parma) for just $5 each or 3 for $12.95, all night long! Plus an incredible assortment of additional appetizers, sliders, burgers, salads, items off the grill and traditional sides, all available for service in the Bar & Lounge. 

Tysons Corner, VA 

Need a break from the D.C. bustle? The Chima Steakhouse Bar & Lounge in Tysons Corner has Happy Hour 7 days a week from 4:30 to 8PM (for bar patrons only). Unwind with a $7 HH Margarita, or $8 Caipirinha, Pear Elderflower Martini, Tropical Rio, Moscow Mule or Manhattan. Red and White Wines are only $7 a glass, while Beer is ½ off regular menu prices (so $3 for Bud Light, Stella, Corona, Heineken or Port City, $4 for Vienna Lager, Eight Point, Palma Loca, Xingu Gold, Xingu Black, Yuengling, Modelo, Superbock, or Sperbock Stout Black, and $5 for Miller Lite), not to mention ½ off Well Drinks ($5 for Smirnoff, Bacardi, Jose Cuervo, Beefeater, J&B, Jim Beam, and Seagrams 7). 

We have daily Happy Hour Specials on food also from 5-8PM ($6 Pastels and Chicken Skewers w/Pineapple, and $8 Seafood Salad), as well as Select Bite-Size Appetizers (Caprese Skewers, Artichoke Pesto Puffs, Beef Carpaccio or Cantaloupe and Prosciutto Di Parma) for just $5 each or 3 for $12.95, all night long! Plus, a satisfying assortment of additional appetizers, sliders, burgers, salads, items off the grill and traditional sides, all available for service in the Bar & Lounge. 

To make a party reservation for any of our convenient locations, either for the Bar & Lounge or Restaurant, contact Chima Steakhouse here, and get ready for a truly one-of-a-kind experience! 

A Warm Celebration at Chima!

This year, let Chima host your holiday meal! Chima Steakhouse is the perfect location to enjoy a wonderful meal with family and friends. Our mouthwatering menu and fantastic customer service is unbeatable. We have a diverse menu that’s easy for everyone in your Christmas party to find something they’ll love. This Christman, don’t feel pressured to host the perfect Christmas meal. Let Chima Steakhouse provide you and your family with an unforgettable holiday meal! 

At Chima Steakhouse we’re serving up a dining experience unlike any other this holiday season. From the moment you step into our restaurant you’re transported to a flavorful destination complete with a fantastic menu with something for everyone to enjoy. We stand apart from other restaurants thanks to our great flavors, dining style, and wonderful customer service. You can enjoy our world class buffet with fresh flavors and favorites your whole party is sure to enjoy. 

Our chefs can bring bite after bite of the finest rodizio style meats straight to your table. We’ll slice and serve your favorites tableside, with options such as: 

  • Top Sirloin (Picanha) 
  • Filet Mignon 
  • Beef Ribs 
  • Flank Steak
  • Sausage 
  • Salmon 
  • Chicken 
  • Filet Wrapped in Bacon 
  • Ribeye 
  • Leg of Lamb 
  • Lamb Chops 

When it comes to a fine dining experience, nothing typifies an enjoyable meal quite like a bottle or glass of wine. And at Chima Steakhouse, wine is one of our most popular options. We have a plethora of wine options with a beautiful wine cellar in-house. Your server can suggest your perfect pairing; or you can enjoy glasses of different wines to get your favorite flavors this holiday season.  

What is it that sets Chima Steakhouse apart from other fine dining restaurants? We know that there’s not one singular quality that sets us apart, but rather many different experiences and flavors that solidify us as your best bet for a great meal during the Christmas holidays. When you’re ready to enjoy a memorable meal with flavorful foods, it’s time to pay us a visit at Chima Steakhouse. Book your holiday dinner at Chima Steakhouse by November 30th and receive a $100 as the party host, and a $25 gift card for each guest attending the party. Enjoy the holiday season this year with us at Chima! We look forward to hosting you and your loved ones and providing you with a wonderful holiday meal this season.  

Chima Steakhouse – Now Delivered To Your Front Door!

Picture this, you’re scrolling on your phone wondering what you’re going to eat for dinner. Lucky for you, a boring meal isn’t in the cards, and you decide to enjoy a delicious Chima dinner from the comfort of your own home! Chima Steakhouse is now available on all of the popular food delivery service apps including UberEats, Postmates, Grubhub and Doordash, at all four of our locations. If you’re looking to order a delicious meal for dinner, it’s time to check out our menu at Chima Steakhouse and have an incredible meal delivered this evening.  

You can find one of our very first restaurants located on trendy Las Olas Boulevard, just minutes from the beach, our Fort Lauderdale location serves mouthwatering favorites. Our Charlotte location is in the beautiful City Center Charlotte. Our Tyson’s Corner restaurant is located in the heart of Tysons Corner, bringing tasty cuisine to metro Washington DC and Fairfax County. And finally, our Philadelphia location in Center City. Where we serve up unbeatable cuisine on 20th and JFK. Our centrally located restaurants make it easier than ever to enjoy delectable dining delivered to your front door.  

At Chima Steakhouse we take great pride in our customer service. We know there are many places you can order from, so when you choose Chima we want to deliver an unforgettable meal that tastes just as good as if you were dining in with us. While you won’t have our experienced Gauchos slicing meat right at your table, your meal won’t disappoint when you order from us at Chima Steakhouse. You’ll have many options to choose from when ordering with us, and we’ll have something everyone in your family can enjoy.  

Our mouth-watering meats are cooked to your preference, and the healthy portions of meat are cooked on an open grill. Our cooked-to-order Rodizio menu includes: 

  • Picanha – Certified Angus beef top sirloin 
  • Filet 
  • Ribeye 
  • Pork 
  • Chicken 
  • Fish 
  • Lamb 

When you choose Chima Steakhouse, you’re not choosing an average restaurant. Treat yourself this evening when you’re ordering dinner. Don’t settle for an average restaurant and a meal that leaves you wanting more. Order from Chima Steakhouse on any of the popular delivery apps and have a delicious, mouth-watering meal delivered right to your door! With many options available on our menu, we know you and your family will be eating well when you order from us at Chima Steakhouse.