Chima Steakhouse Celebrates Mother’s Day in Style

Sunday, May 9th, 2021, marks Mother’s Day, a day to celebrate moms everywhere and everything they do for us and others. Also, the people who act as a mother. Whether that be a dad, a grandparent, or another extended family member, these people are also special and deserve some love on Mother’s Day. And what better way to say thanks and celebrate than to treat them to a delicious meal? Good food from a rodizio in Charlotte, Tysons Corner, Fort Lauderdale, and Philadelphia is the perfect way to show those you care about appreciation. Not only does exquisite food with many flavors demonstrate your thanks, but it also allows you to spend quality time with this special someone in your life.

Celebratory Upscale Dining Experience

There are many ways to show appreciation for people, but nothing comes close to treating them to an upscale dining experience. At a rodizio Charlotte, Tysons Corner, Fort Lauderdale, and Philadelphia, you are not only getting delicious food and drinks but also excellent service and a stunning setting. Enjoying a meal at home is nice, but it doesn’t compare to eating in a luxury restaurant. There’s just something about sitting down and being wined and dined. The service at Chima Steakhouse is also nothing short of excellent. The staff is attentive and knowledgeable of the menu. Any questions you have about the food or drinks, we can answer and help. Not sure what meal to order on the menu? We can help you decide and give recommendations based on what you like to eat. The same goes for our Chima Steakhouse signature drinks and wine menu.

Extensive Drink Menu

One popular way of relaxing and unwinding is having a drink. And Mother’s Day is the perfect day to relax with your loved ones. The holiday is all about appreciating a motherly figure in your life. One way to do that is by going out to eat and grabbing delicious drinks. You can unwind and spend time with your loved one. While you’re enjoying your food, you can mark the occasion with one of Chima Steakhouses’ delicious signature cocktails. Or, you can pick out some wine or champagne for the table. The list of brands is endless, guaranteeing you find something you love. You might even want to be bold and pick something new. If that’s the case, let our staff know. We can help you choose something you and your loved ones will love and find absolutely delightful.

Flavorsome Food

When you go to a rodizio Charlotte, Tysons Corner, Fort Lauderdale, and Philadelphia, you get tons of flavors. The salad bar alone provides guests with the option to mix unique Brazilian and American flavors. Whether you want something more refreshing or savory, we have it. For meat lovers, there are tons of options available. From grilled salmon with passion fruit sauce to baby top sirloin with the specialty Brazilian cut, you can expect nothing short of deliciousness when it comes to the meat options. But they don’t end there. We also have mouthwatering and creamy soups for you to choose from. Your Mother’s Day celebration is bound to be nothing short of delectable.

Reserve Your Table Today!

Chima Steakhouse has much to offer when it comes to fine dining, drinks, and food, making it the perfect place to celebrate a motherly figure in your life. And Mother’s Day is right around the corner, too! Make sure you reserve your table as soon as possible so you can ensure you celebrate Mother’s Day in style. To do so, go on the Chima Steakhouse website and select how large or small your party is, then pick a date and time. After that, you are all set, and our team handles the rest.

Show Your Military Appreciation With a Delicious Meal

It’s true what they say, food is the key to the heart. Everyone can appreciate a savory meal at a fine dining restaurant in Philadelphia, Tysons Corner, Charlotte, and Fort Lauderdale. And what better way to say thank you to the troops or veterans than by taking them out to a delicious meal and even better cocktails? Here at Chima Steakhouse, we appreciate everything our military does for us. The sacrifices they make and everything they do to keep us safe do not go unnoticed. With that said, we want to show our appreciation by celebrating Military Appreciation Month in March. To get an idea of what to expect in March, see below. We give you and our troops a sneak peek at what we have going on at Chima Steakhouse.

Upscale Dining

There is something about a fine dining restaurant in Philadelphia, Tysons Corner, Charlotte, and Fort Lauderdale that has a certain ambiance. When you walk into the front door at Chima Steakhouse, you are wrapped in a warm, welcoming environment. Everything about each restaurant location represents fine dining. Between the decor and the general atmosphere, your upscale dining experience awaits you. And to say our troops and veterans deserve the most is an understatement. For everything they have done for us, the least we can all do is celebrate them at a fine dining establishment. Here at Chima Steakhouse, our customer service is top tier. Our staff is all attentive to guests and knowledgeable about our menu. Whatever you are curious about, whether it be drinks or food, we can help. Not sure what to order? Despite an extensive menu full of delectable choices, our staff can point you in the right direction.

Great Food and Even Better Company

Between a savory meal and amazing company, we can’t ask for much else. And here at Chima Steakhouse, that’s exactly what you get. We offer all kinds of dinner options for you to choose between. Whether you have a love of steaks or seafood, we have options for you. Each option is better than the last. The best part is that you can enjoy the delicious food with your loved ones. Your loved one may be a veteran or an active service member, either way, we want to show them our thanks and appreciation. When any active service member, or veteran, comes in to dine with us in March, they get $10 off per person for a party up to 4! All you have to do is mention the code Military Month when making your reservation or to your server prior to ordering. This offer is valid everyday during the month of March.

What’s Dinner Without Dessert

If there’s one thing every meal needs, it’s dessert. While many of us love our savory meats and refreshing salads, we can’t forget about our sweet tooth. After you enjoy your mouth-watering meal, check out our dessert options. One option many people are a big fan of is our chocolate coconut lava cake. From location to location, every Chima Steakhouse restaurant has a love for this option. And we can’t say we blame them. The coconut ganache paired with the rich chocolate is pure heaven. And to add to this delicious combination of flavors, we have a scoop of vanilla ice cream included combining that luscious combination of hot and cold. When it comes to desserts, Chima Steakhouse fine dining in Philadelphia, Tysons Corner, Charlotte, and Fort Lauderdale never misses.

Make Your Reservation Today!

With March right around the corner, making your reservation as soon as possible is a good idea. Here at Chima Steakhouse, your local restaurant for fine dining in Philadelphia, Tysons Corner, Charlotte, and Fort Lauderdale, we have your military appreciation month plans ready for you. All you have to do is go online to our website and make a reservation for your city, time, date, and party number. After you do that, we handle the rest.

3 Components for the Perfect Valentine’s Day

As February gets closer, we all start to plan our Valentine’s Day festivities. Some of us already have some idea of what we are going to do, while some of us may still be in the planning process. After all, this special day is all about showing your significant other how much you cherish them, and you probably want it to be perfect. Between the flowers, chocolates, and gifts, Valentine’s Day has a lot of opportunity to show someone special how much you care for them. But it doesn’t need to include all of this when you have a romantic dinner for two. Here at Chima Steakhouse, your local rodizio steakhouse in Philadelphia, Fort Lauderdale, Charlotte, and Tyson’s Corner, we have the perfect plan for you. Not only that, we know the secret to a perfect and romantic Valentine’s Day. It takes three key components.

1. Wine and Dine

The first thing you need to do is wine and dine with your significant other or loved ones. Everyone loves a meal out, especially if it’s at a rodizio steakhouse in Philadelphia, Fort Lauderdale, Charlotte, or Tysons Corner, such as Chima Steakhouse. People appreciate nice dinners, too. The food is mouth-watering, and the drinks always hit the spot. If you are still looking for a romantic spot to take your loved one, we have reservations available. And the menu is delectable. Between our fresh salmon, grilled chicken, and traditional picanha, you will find something you like. With the reservation and dinner plans secured, figuring out which one of our entrees you want may become the most stressful part of the evening. And that’s before you decide on drinks. The obvious choice may be champagne, right? Well, you may find that the traditional go-to isn’t so tempting at Chima Steakhouse. Our drink list is extensive, which is a great thing. But it also makes deciding on the perfect Valentine’s Day wine or cocktail that much more difficult. Good thing you can always get more than one drink!

2. Good Company

When we think of Valentine’s Day and how to make it romantic, we often forget the most important component: your company. The holiday is all about spending time with those you love and cherish. The people who enrich your life and make you happy. However, we all forget this from time to time. We don’t do this intentionally. But with the focus on flowers, chocolates, and other little gifts, we get wrapped up in the material aspect of the holiday. But if there’s one thing that is better than material items on Valentine’s Day, it’s experiences. Life experiences are those things we remember in the long-term. You may not remember what gift you received or gave, but you will remember a funny joke told at dinner. The best experience to have on such a romantic holiday is a romantic dinner. At Chima Steakhouse, your rodizio steakhouse in Philadelphia, Fort Lauderdale, Charlotte, and Tyson’s Corner, we offer a cozy ambiance. When you sit down at your table at any of our locations, you immediately relax and soak it all in. There’s just something about a grandeur restaurant environment that can set the mood for the night.

3. Save Some for Dessert

The perfect evening is not complete without a delicious dessert. Here at Chima Steakhouse, we have an array of options to choose from. One dessert we offer that many people love is our chocolate coconut lava cake. This choice is a traditional chocolate lava cake with sweet flavors of coconut in the form of ganache. To top it off, we serve this dessert with delicious vanilla ice cream to bring all of the flavors together. The options do not end there. For those who want something sweet and refreshing, we have an apple strudel, coconut delight, among many other options. Any of these dessert options will end the night on a sweet note.

Book Your Valentine’s Day Dinner Today!

As long as you nail these three components, you are in store for the perfect and most romantic Valentine’s Day yet. Your significant other will absolutely have a great evening and appreciate the thought you put into the plans. But the only way to secure this evening is to make a reservation. To reserve your Valentine’s Day plans, head to the Chima Steakhouse website today. We have reservations at our rodizio steakhouse in Philadelphia, Fort Lauderdale, Charlotte, and Tyson’s Corner available. But we won’t have them for long, so be sure to make your reservation as soon as possible! To get a sneak peek at our deals and menu, see below.

Share the love at Chima Steakhouse 

Sunday, February 14th

2:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Call now 704.601.4141 or Click here to book online

$89.90 per person including (21 & up)

Complete Rodizio – Gourmet Salad bar – a glass of champagne – select dessert – soda/iced tea – coffee/hot tea

Each couple will receive a complimentary dinner card* (to be used on a next visit )

$69.90 per person including 

Gourmet salad bar plus one select meat (picanha, salmon, or chicken) – a glass of champagne – select dessert – soda/iced tea – coffee/hot tea

12 to 20 years old – $69.90 per person including 

Complete Rodizio – Gourmet Salad bar – select dessert – soda/iced tea – coffee/hot tea

02/13/21 – Package available or regular rodizio

02/14/21 – Package only

Kids 7 – 11 years $28.50 includes– Complete Rodizio

Kids 6 & under – Complimentary rodizio

Come to Chima for our $35 Summer Special!

With summer in full swing, you might be looking for a restaurant to enjoy a nice meal with the family. Or maybe you want to enjoy a night out with friends or coworkers. Look no further than Chima Steakhouse. Our locations in Charlotte, Fort Lauderdale, and Tysons Corner are all open, and we have some amazing specials running from June 22nd through July 5th. Join us and share a one-of-a-kind experience with family and friends and be prepared for lots of authenticity. Our Gaúchos roam the dining room and serve at your table, proudly wearing the typical uniform which includes loose-fitting trousers called bombachas, belted with a tirador, leather boots, an orange scarf, and of course a large knife for carving meats. Chima Steakhouse proudly embodies the culture of Brazil and is sure to provide you with a fun and unique night out.

Getting together with family, friends, or acquaintances to celebrate a special occasion calls for a special location – one with good food and good vibes, which of course translates to good times. You can find that combination at Chima Steakhouse, a perfect spot for private parties and fine dining. Our $35 summer special is one of the best deals around. You can choose from your favorite foods, while enjoying a delicious three course meal. For your first course, choose between our cheesy bread and turkey spread. Next, build your perfect salad at our gourmet salad bar. Finally, for your third course, choose from a variety of succulent rodizio meats including:

  • Angus Picanha
  • Angus Picanha with garlic
  • Angus Picanha with jalapenos & chimichurri (all picanha is certified Angus beef)
  • Flank Steak
  • Leg of Lamb
  • Aji Chicken and Sausage

We are also offering a $49.90 option, for a complete menu plus one select dessert for a limited time only. This delectable deal, a $66.90 value, consists of four courses that are sure to delight your palate, including:

  • First Course: cheese bread and turkey spread
  • Second Course: gourmet salad bar
  • Third Course: complete rodizio and side dishes: all items from Spring Special menu plus: *filet mignon, *filet wrapped in bacon, *cajun ribeye, *NY steak, beef ribs, *lamb chops, *salmon, *grilled prawns, vegetable skewer, and grilled pineapple with cinnamon.
  • Side Dishes: creamy mashed potatoes, fried polenta and fried banana
  • Fourth Course/Dessert: choice of cheesecake, ice cream or chocolate cake

Our rodizio meats are sure to give you and your party a variety of options so there is something for everyone to enjoy. All of our picanha is certified Angus beef, giving you the best cuts of meats for your meal. Along with your rodizio meats, choose from our side dishes including creamy mashed potatoes, fried polenta, and fried banana.

Join us for a one-of-a-kind dining experience at Chima Steakhouse the next time you want to enjoy a night out. Our summer special is sure to be one of the most popular choices on the menu, so make sure you don’t miss out! Call us to make a reservation and we look forward to providing you with a great night out including mouthwatering food and wonderful fine dining.

*Not to be combined with any offer or coupons.*

Join Us At Chima Steakhouse For Our All New Feijoada Saturday’s

Great food. Good vibes. Sounds like a winning combination to us! This is what we strive for at Chima Steakhouse in downtown Fort Lauderdale. It’s a perfect spot for you and your family if you’re looking to enjoy a night out and a delicious meal. And now, at our Fort Lauderdale location, you can join us for Feijoada Saturday’s. If you’re looking for the best restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, look no further than Chima Steakhouse.

Chima Steakhouse is conveniently located just minutes from the beach, on the trendy Las Olas Boulevard. With roots in Brazil, we serve up a variety of meats for you to enjoy. We offer a regular salad bar, 3 traditional types of feijoada and seven meat cuts.

At $34.90 per person from 12pm-3pm, you can come enjoy some of the best dining Fort Lauderdale has to offer. In addition to our 3 traditional types of Feijoada, you can also choose from collard greens, orange and Brazilian Farofa, plus an additional selection of meats

Take a closer look at the delicious selections from our Feijoada Saturday lunch menu:

  • Feijoada 1 – Calabresa, Paio, e Linguica
  • Feijoada 2 – Costelinha e Lombo
  • Feijoada 3 – Carne Seca
  • Picanha
  • Picanha com Alho
  • Picanha com Chimichurri
  • Flank Steak
  • Chicken
  • Lamb Leg e Sausage

Think – a taste of Brazil in the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale. Wearing their traditional, cultural uniform, a big part of our unique dining experience comes from our Gauchos (Meat Chefs). They roam our dining room continuously, offering an exquisite selection of meats served directly to your table.

At Chima you’ll never have a shortage when it comes to selection. Our Traditional Caipirinha special is another favorite, and costs just $7.00. When you want to enjoy a great dining experience right here in Fort Lauderdale, Chima provides the fine dining experience you’ve come to expect.

When we hear steakhouse, we naturally think of fine dining.  And that’s exactly what you’ll find at Chima Steakhouse. The food, the ambiance, your company. It doesn’t get any better. When craving a fine dining experience in Fort Lauderdale, visit us at Chima Steakhouse. Our Feijoada Saturday’s are sure to bring you a mouthwatering meal during lunch hours and an experience you won’t soon forget. Feijoada Saturday’s are going on every Saturday at our Fort Lauderdale location. We look forward to seeing you soon!