Your lunch weekend plan at Chima!

Chima Steakhouse is one of the top fine dining restaurants in both Fort Lauderdale and Tysons Corner. Our endless arrays of beautiful selections give people something to look forward to when they want to go out and enjoy a nice meal. Though Chima Steakhouse is known for our top sirloins, filet mignon, and tasty rib-eye, we offer so much more. If you’re looking for a place to enjoy a weekend lunch, look no further than Chima Steakhouse! Both our Tysons Corner and Fort Lauderdale locations are offering lunch specials that you and your friends and family will love.

In Fort Lauderdale, there is always something fun to do on the weekend. Whether you’ve got a big weekend planned or you’re still figuring out your plans, make sure to include visiting Chima Steakhouse for a delicious meal. On Saturday’s we offer a Feijoada & Complete Rodizio lunch special. Join us every Saturday for lunch from 12:30 PM to 3 PM. For just $38.90 per person you’ll enjoy Brazilian Feijoada + gourmet salad bar + 7 types of meat rodizio to choose from including:

● Picanha

● Picanha with garlic

● Picanha with chimichurri

● Flank steak

● Aji chicken

● Lamb leg

● Sausage Feijoada

For a few bucks more, at $44.90 per person, you can enjoy a complete rodizio + Brazilian Feijoada + gourmet salad bar that includes Picanha, Picanha with garlic, Picanha with chimichurri and jalapeno, filet mignon, filet wrapped in bacon, cajun ribeye, beef ribs, NY steak, lamb chops, lamb leg, flank steak, salmon, grilled shrimp, pineapple with cinnamon, vegetable skewer, aji chicken, and sausage.

If you can’t make it on Saturday, we’re also offering Sunday lunch specials at our Fort Lauderdale and Tysons Corner locations! In Fort Lauderdale, you can join us for lunch every Sunday from 12:30 to 3 PM and for just $38.90 you’ll enjoy a gourmet salad bar plus a choice of one select meat from the grill (Picanha, chicken, or salmon). This also includes grilled pineapple and veggie skewers. For $46.90 you’ll enjoy a complete rodizio meal. We also have a bottomless special for $19.50 per person from 12 to 3 PM. This includes your choice of mimosas, bloody marys, sangria (red or white), or caipirinha (4 flavors to choose).

In Tysons Corner, our Sunday lunch special runs from 11:30 AM to 3 PM. For $38.90 you’ll enjoy our gourmet salad bar plus a choice of one select meat from the grill (Picanha, chicken or salmon). This includes grilled pineapple and veggie skewers. For $46.90 you can upgrade to our complete rodizio. We also have a $6.50 drink special in which you can choose from caipirinha, mimosa, sangria, and bloody mary.

If you’re ready to enjoy a wonderful weekend lunch we look forward to seeing you soon at Chima Steakhouse. Our weekend lunch specials are fantastic and provide you with delicious food and your choice of drink. To book your reservation in Fort Lauderdale call (954)712-0580. For a reservation at our Tysons Corner location call (703) 639-3080. We hope to see you this weekend!

Unwind At Our Bar With Our Happy Hour Specials!

At Chima Steakhouse we offer a fantastic happy hour, making us the perfect stop to enjoy a few
drinks after a long day at work or before a night out on the town. Not only does Chima
Steakhouse offer an extensive dining menu, but we also have one of the best happy hours
around. There’s nothing better than relaxing, spending time with friends or family, and enjoying
some great happy hour specials. Our happy hour menu includes a variety of specialty-priced
beers and wine, as well as a popular mixed drink menu. We have a variety of domestic and
imported beers available, a fantastic wine list, and an array of popular mixed drinks. Some of
our popular mixed drinks include:

● Moscow Mules
● Mojitos
● Margaritas
● Caipirinha
● Manhattan

In addition to our great drinks, we also offer bar specials and appetizers during happy hour at
each of our locations. Whether you’re going out with family, friends, or co-workers, Chima
Steakhouse is the perfect place to enjoy happy hour. We look forward to providing you a one of
a kind experience when dining or drinking with us at Chima Steakhouse. Happy hour is the
perfect place to meet new people and build relationships.
Happy Hour is one of the best times to sit back and relax with your friends, family, or even solo
and enjoy some great food and drink prices. Our happy hour menu includes an array of
appetizers as well as an extensive selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. We offer
a variety of quality white, red, and sparkling wines. You’ll also find an array of wines that are
exclusive just to Chima Steakhouse! At Chima Steakhouse we aim to provide something for
everyone to enjoy. The next time you’re in the mood to enjoy happy hour with friends or family,
we invite you to come join us at Chima Steakhouse. Visit our website at to see the list of happy hour specials at the Chima location
near you.

Dine at Chima Steakhouse For A Fantastic Fine Dining Experience

When you’re looking for a delicious fine dining experience you shouldn’t have to trade
satisfaction for a unique experience. At Chima Steakhouse we believe that rodizio style dining
fits in perfectly with fine dining. Our rodizio style dining brings your favorite meat cuts right to
your table with a unique presentation and delivery you’re sure to enjoy. Unlike other restaurants
we offer a true variety that combines delicious options to satisfy every appetite. In addition to
our rodizio meats, we offer a world-class salad bar that impresses with flavors and creativity.
We aim to provide a selection for everyone to enjoy, and we incorporate many different options
to fit your taste.

At Chima Steakhouse, freshly prepared rodizio style meats are our specialty. We offer a
mouthwatering variety of dishes, including sausage, grilled chicken, lamb chops, and baby top
sirloin. We also have a fresh salad bar with numerous choices for those with dietary restrictions
or those who are watching what they eat.

Our roots are in Brazil, so there’s plenty for meat-eaters, but, of course, we also have lots of
options for vegetarians as well. We also feature delicious appetizers, a full salad bar, cold cuts,
cheeses, and more. And of course, we have a sweet selection of wonderful desserts along with
an impressive menu of great wines and champagnes, and a full liquor bar. After all, this is truly
fine dining at its best.

At Chima Steakhouse, we offer a one-of-a-kind experience. Our rodizio Brazilian style
restaurant offers menu options for you and everyone you bring in. From our delicious selection
of meats to our plentiful salad bar, there is something for everyone to enjoy. We also have an
incredible dessert menu for those with a sweet tooth! We invite you to come join us at Chima
Steakhouse the next time you’re looking for a fine dining experience. We aim to provide you
with top quality service and hospitality when you dine with us. We have locations in Fort
Lauderdale, Charlotte, Philadelphia, and Tyson’s Corner. Chima Steakhouse offers reservations
for large parties including work parties, family reunions, birthdays, and get-togethers. No matter
who you’re looking to treat, you’ll certainly wow them with a magnificent experience when you
dine with us at Chima Steakhouse.


What are your plans this New Years Eve? Many people love to go out and enjoy the evening before bringing in the new year. It can be a great night to be able to spend time with family and friends. Before you go out to enjoy the night, going out to a great dinner can be a perfect way to start your evening. Visiting us at Chima can be a great way to end your year and get ready to bring in the new year. We have a wonderful selection of meats, vegetables, desserts, and of course, drinks and cocktails. If you’re looking for a new restaurant to try and you want to experience one of the most delicious meals you’ve ever had, you’ll want to visit us at Chima. We have four great locations in Charlotte, Philadelphia, Fort Lauderdale, and Tysons Corner. 

Our team of expert chefs, waiters, bartenders and gauchos have created a dining experience like no other. When you’re considering which of the best restaurants near you has the perfect setting and menu for your next memorable new meal, we hope you’ll discover the unique foods and drinks that are being dished out at Chima. We offer a variety of delicious meats, seafood, vegetables, and much more. Some of our fantastic options include: 

  • Beef Ribs  
  • Ribeye
  • Lamb Chops   
  • Top Sirloin   
  • Filet Mignon   
  • Leg of Lamb  
  • Filet Wrapped in Bacon

The holidays are a great time for friends and relatives to gather for festivities to eat, drink, and celebrate. From the moment you enter our restaurant you feel the warm, welcoming atmosphere that can only be found at Chima. If you want to spend New Year’s at one of the city’s best restaurants, join us at Chima for your group party, family-style celebration, or even your romantic dinner for two. This New Year’s you can feast your eyes and your appetite on one of the most exceptional restaurants in town with Chima Steakhouse. 

If you’re wondering where to eat a holiday feast in your city this New Year’s try Chima Steakhouses for traditional steakhouse dining and a staff who will provide phenomenal service. We can’t wait to serve you and provide you the exceptional service you’ve come to expect with us at Chima. Check out our 2021 New Year’s Eve prices for the location near you. Make your reservation today and we look forward to seeing you and serving you soon!

Season’s Greetings from Chima Steakhouse!

Chima restaurants are open for dining this Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and there are still reservations available for a delicious group dining experience this holiday season! There are many benefits to letting us cook for you this Christmas, and nobody does fine dining for the holidays better than our team at Chima. We have four fantastic locations and you can join us by dining at one of our Chima restaurants in Charlotte, NC, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Philadelphia, PA, and Tysons Corner, VA. 

Our team at Chima wants to make things as easy as possible for you and your family this holiday season. At Chima, we pride ourselves on various things, including our exceptional customer service. We have a team who is experienced and caring, ready to provide you and your family exceptional service. Our wonderful staff is always looking for new ways to please every single customer that walks through our doors. This holiday season bring your family to Chima. We have special holiday hours on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and can’t wait for your family to join us. 

At Chima, you can just sit back and relax while our Chima chefs  and guachos prepare your Christmas meal and then come to your table to bring you freshly cooked delicious meats. You won’t have to prepare or cook at all when you come dine with us this year. Take away the stress of planning, setting up, and cooking this holiday season. Come enjoy a delicious variety of meats perfectly cooked and served right to your table. We have top sirloin, salmon, lamb chops, perfectly cooked vegetables and much more. 

At Chima we believe we not only have the friendliest and most serviceable staff, but we also have chefs who know exactly how to provide gourmet and delicious food. They work alongside our experienced and qualified Gauchos to deliver the most savory meat cuts dishes. Each Gaucho cooks the meat they serve, right at your table side. We also feature appetizers, a gourmet salad bar, cold cuts, and of course- delicious desserts, along with a full liquor bar, a great wine selection, and champagne. We can’t wait to see you this holiday season. Book your reservation for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day now!

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No coupons accepted on 12/24 and 12/25.