chima logo By Chima Steakhouse 20/04/2021

Celebrate Fathers Day with Upscale Dining at Chima Steakhouse

Father's Day is a fun day for families and friends everywhere. Whether you have a father you want to celebrate, a loved one who recently became a father, or you have children, Father's Day commemorates all of this and more. It's a special day of the year where we can sit back and say thank you to father figures everywhere. One way to say thanks is to treat yourself or your father figure to an upscale dining experience in Fort Lauderdale, Charlotte, Philadelphia, or Tyson's Corner restaurants, such as Chima Steakhouse. Here at Chima Steakhouse, you can celebrate the special day by enjoying delicious food, delectable drinks, excellent customer service, and your favorite company. But, to get a better of the ways Chima Steakhouse can enhance your Father's Day celebration, keep reading!

Traditional Rodizio with Unique Flavors

What's a celebration without good food? There's no better way to celebrate your father or a loved one who acts as a father figure than to enjoy an upscale dinner. If you have been looking for a day to treat yourself to a nice meal, Father's Day is the perfect day to do so. One of the best parts about spending your day with us is the array of menu options we have. Whether you love meat or are more of a seafood person, we have options to suit your tastebuds. To give you a sneak peek of our menu, some of our dinner options are our famous Angus picanha, baby top sirloin, Aji chicken, lamb chops, ribeye, salmon, and more. However, that's just the entree options. We also have delicious appetizer options, such as our salad bar. At the salad bar, you can expect gourmet salads, seafood salads, cheese, and more.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

To end the night, you can enjoy our exquisite dessert options. We have all of the classics, from Cheesecake to a chocolate coconut lava cake and many others. But, if you are looking to try something new, we also have apple strudel, coconut delight, creme brulee, and coconut chocolate lava cake.

Celebrate with Quality Service

If there's one thing that will enhance the night along with good food and drinks, it's quality customer service. While people go out to eat to enjoy mouth-watering food and relax with a cocktail, the service plays a role in a fun evening. Here at Chima Steakhouses Fort Lauderdale, Charlotte, Philadelphia, and Tysons Corner restaurants, we have excellent service across the board. Wherever you choose to dine with us, you can expect nothing but great customer service on behalf of all staff.

Reserve Your Table Today!

If you are looking for Father's Day plans, Chima Steakhouses Fort Lauderdale, Charlotte, Philadelphia, and Tysons Corner restaurants can help. With a reservation at one of our restaurant locations, you can enjoy delicious food, quality drinks and get in the holiday mood with excellent customer service. To make your reservation, visit our website. With our reservation tools, you can enter the number of people and your preferred time from the comfort of your home.