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Celebrate Love with a Fine Dining Experience

The wedding planning process is an exciting one! You get to finally plan your special day and make your wedding Pinterest board come to life. All of the days spent imagining this day comes down to these final months. There is so much to plan, too. Between the wedding cake and the food, the DJ and the venue, you can truly customize the event to your taste. If you are unsure about where to host the wedding and what to do about food, we have the answer for you. Here at Chima Steakhouse fine dining in Fort Lauderdale, Charlotte, Tyson’s Corner, and Philadelphia, we offer space for wedding ceremonies, rehearsal dinners, engagement parties, and receptions. When you go with us as a venue and food option, you get the fine dining experience on your special day.

Delicious Food

Now, this may go without saying, but when you have your wedding at a fine dining restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, Charlotte, Tyson's Corner, or Philadelphia, the food is exquisite. And if there is one day you want to have an upscale dining experience, it's on your wedding day. Many weddings have a few different types of meat to choose from, a variety of sides, and mouth-watering salads. And when Chima Steakhouse does your wedding, you can expect just that. From our signature Angus picanha to our baby top sirloin, we have many main course options you can choose between. If steak isn't what you are looking for, you can rest assured because we have a delicious grilled salmon served with passion fruit sauce. But that's only the tip of the iceberg. Our salads range from fruity and refreshing to savory with your favorite seafood topping. Food aside, you can't forget the convenience of having the food prepared and set up in the same place.

Go Crazy with Decorations

The good news about restaurants is that there are not nearly as many boundaries as some other types of wedding venues. You can truly show off your personality and go crazy with the theme. If you are looking for a farmhouse theme, you got it! Want something more elegant? Sure thing! When you book Chima Steakhouse as your venue for your wedding or reception, you are in control of the theme and decorations. Our team works with you to bring your dream event to life. If you are looking to make your special day everything you have ever dreamed it to be, our restaurant locations are the best place to do it.

More Options for Time Frame and Space

If there's one thing you need to consider when choosing the venue, it's the amount of space. You will want to make sure all of your guests can fit comfortably in the wedding venue. You're also going to need to double-check that your ideal set up for decorations, tables, chairs, and the dance floor are all good to go. The more guests you have, the more room you are going to want to have. Here at Chima Steakhouse, your local fine dining in Fort Lauderdale, Charlotte, Tyson's Corner, and Philadelphia, we have plenty of space for your wedding ceremony or reception. Each location can fit 250 guests, with all of our locations also allowing you to utilize the entire restaurant space. When you do this, the number goes up 320 people. But that's not all! You can pick and choose what time you would like to have your big day. With many venues restricting you to the nighttime, we do it differently here at Chima. You have the option of an evening wedding or a daytime wedding.

Contact Us Today!

The first thing everyone does when planning their wedding or reception is look for a venue. This is the place where the magic happens. Lucky for you, Chima Steakhouse not only does fine dining in Fort Lauderdale, Charlotte, Tyson's Corner, and Philadelphia, but we also let people use our space for weddings and receptions. To book us as your venue for your big day, reach out to our team today!

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