chima logo By Chima Steakhouse 01/07/2020

Chima Steakhouse is Ready to Host You this July 4th Weekend

Finding a great restaurant doesn’t have to be difficult this 4th of July. When you’re looking for wonderful fine dining, look no further than Chima Steakhouse. We’re hosting 4th of July this year and we’re making sure you and your family have a great experience. Of course, you’re choosing a restaurant based on the food. Taste, presentation, and customer service all play a part in how much you will enjoy your time at any given restaurant. At Chima Steakhouse, we’ve brought our Brazilian traditions and dishes so you can enjoy our succulent dishes and cuisine. We have gauchos that roam the dining area offering a fine selection of meats. We also have a beautiful, relaxing environment that allows you and your family to unwind after a long day or week.

When you’re looking to go out with your family this 4th of July, we’re inviting you to join us at Chima Steakhouse. Where else can you go and find over 15 rotisserie meats, including lamb, pork, fish, sausages, and of course- sirloins? We feature the following cuts of steaks – Brazilian-style:

  • Certified Angus Beef – Top Sirloin
  • Filet Mignon
  • Ribeye
  • Flank Steak
  • Leg of Lamb
  • Lamb Chops
  • Beef Ribs

At Chima Steakhouse, we believe that an excellent restaurant should offer variety. With our great selection of rotisserie meats, you won’t find a better restaurant this 4th of July. While we pride ourselves on our Brazilian dishes, we also provide a full salad bar, a full bar, and delicious cheese options for those who are looking for something unique. We believe that at any restaurant, every guest should be able to find something they love on the menu. Bring your family and friends to Chima Steakhouse and enjoy everything we have to offer.

This 4th of July we hope you’ll bring the family to Chima Steakhouse. When you choose us, you’re not choosing an average restaurant. Chima Steakhouse will bring you unparalleled dishes, a beautiful atmosphere, and customer care that’s better than the rest. Our gauchos will make sure you enjoy your time at Chima, and that you have a memorable 4th of July. See what makes our restaurant a place to remember. To make a reservation, contact Chima Steakhouse today.