chima logo By Chima Steakhouse 11/04/2018

Delicious Seasonal Trends for Fort Lauderdale Restaurants

Spring is a delightful season. It is a time of warmth, hope and renewal. Springtime is wonderful for enjoying fresh food which is bountiful this time of year. Part of what makes food so enjoyable is that certain dishes complement the season. There are a few Fort Lauderdale restaurants that fit perfectly into this spring’s delights.

Visit Chima Steakhouse for a delicious spring dinner at a Fort Lauderdale Restaurant

Spring favorites at Chima Steakhouse’s include Peach Pomegranate Frisee Salad. Topped with fresh peaches and pomegranate seeds, this salad comes drizzled in a passion fruit dressing.

Many diners also tend to choose delicious meat skewers as it gives faint reminders of warm weather and breezy get-together nights. Skewers also come with vegetables, such as Chima Steakhouse's Vegetable Skewer. Chima Steakhouse also offers a beautiful salmon filet accompanied by a Passion Fruit Sauce or Pesto Sauce.  The salmon, due to its similarity in style to the Peach Pomegranate salad, are lovely pairs for a spring night out. Desserts also have their place among spring delights.

As mentioned, fruit during spring goes hand in hand, which is why Chima Steakhouse’s Key Lime Pie is the perfect choice. Topped with Mango Coulis and Pomegranate seeds, this is the ideal follow up to the delicious spring-like dishes. Alternatively, the cheesecake offers a richer and fuller option for those with their eyes on desserts. Another favorite traditional spring dessert is the mouthwatering Papaya Cream.

Seasons come and go, but certain foods enhance the seasonal experience. While all of Chima Steakhouse’s dishes are ideal throughout the year, these citrusy and fruity options will have you feeling as though your one with the weather, air, and vibrancy of spring. If you’re looking for Fort Lauderdale restaurants that can cater to large parties, or special family events like graduation, Chima Steakhouse has you covered. Call today to schedule your springtime reservation.