chima Desserts

Homemade Desserts

  • Brazilian Trio Contains nuts

    Brigadeiro (Brazilian “fudge” made with cocoa powder and condensed milk) Beijinho (coconut and condensed milk) and Walnut Cream. Contains nuts.

  • Coconut Delight

    Sponge coconut cake layered with condensed milk cream, and topped with freshly grated coconut flakes. Served with coconut rum* on the side. * Coconut rum splash only served for guests 21 & up.

  • Chocolate Coconut Lava Cake Contains nuts

    Chocolate cake filled with coconut ganache. Served with vanilla ice cream.Contains nuts.

  • Crème Brûlée

    Classic creme brulee crowned with a Passion Fruit caramel.

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    Papaya Cream

    Fresh papaya fruit blended with vanilla ice cream and served with Cassis liqueur.

Traditional Desserts

  • Apple Strudel

    Warm apple tart served with cinnamon ice cream and caramel sauce.
  • Cheesecake Contains nuts

    NY style cheesecake served with fresh berries.
  • Contains Gluten
  • Contains Lactose
  • Contains Nuts
  • Contains Vegetables

*Some items are seasonal and not available at all times at all locations.