chima logo By Chima Steakhouse 12/11/2016

Have You Thought About Holding a Holiday Party in Fort Lauderdale?


Are you struggling on finding the best place to bring your friends, family, and coworkers together for the holidays? Chima Steakhouse in Fort Lauderdale is a great option for holiday parties of groups with picky eaters and big eaters alike. With rodizio, salad bars, and churrasco, there is food for everyone. Our spacious dining room can fit larger groups and serve them accordingly. The gauchos roam the dining room while offering churrasco of over 15 rotisserie meats for every individual to choose from.

Gathering around a large table with all your closest family and friends during the holiday season allows everyone to mingle before they must go their different ways. Many loved ones come into town around the holidays, and having a holiday party in Fort Lauderdale can help everyone catch up and reconnect. At Chima Steakhouse, we pride ourselves on our hospitality and friendship oriented setting. When you bring your friends and family members to Chima for a holiday party, they will be treated as if they are in your home. Our staff is more than hospitable and we serve everyone to their liking.

Holiday parties for your job can also be held at Chima in Fort Lauderdale. Bringing people together outside of the workplace is important to growing bonds within the work place. Holiday parties are helpful If your office has had a successful year, and you want to celebrate that with one another. Creating bonds and getting to know one another is what our restaurant is built on. Not to mention, holiday parties give coworkers the opportunity to let their hair down and share their character outside of the office.

Whether you want to hold a holiday party for your loved ones or office family in Fort Lauderdale, Chima Steakhouse is the perfect place to do so. Give us a call to reserve the time and date before someone else fills it! Make sure to include your expected number of guests so we can prepare for you! If you can’t throw a party, consider purchasing a $100 gift card online or instore so you can receive a free $25 card.  Start shopping early or late, the offer is running  through December 31st. We look forward from hearing from you!