chima logo By Chima Steakhouse 21/08/2020

Lobster Skewers Now Available – For A Limited Time Only!

Going out for dinner is a fun experience where family and friends come together, enjoy each other’s company, and dine on delicious food. At Chima Steakhouse we’re known for our delicious rodizio menu, but it’s not all we have to offer. Right now, at Chima Steakhouse, you can add an amazing grilled lobster skewer to your meal. For a limited time Chima Steakhouse is offering lobster skewers for $19.90 per skewer with two lobster tails. Turn your delicious meal into a surf and turf special with our wonderful lobster skewers.

It’s not every day that the entire family is together to enjoy a celebratory meal. When it comes to fine dining and family celebrations, why not come try Chima Steakhouse and our Rodizio-style menu that accommodates the preferences of the entire family?

At Chima, there is more to our name than just great food. We take great pride in the dining experience we offer our customers, which is why so many of them continue to come back week after week. Walking into our restaurant won’t give you the same feeling that millions of other restaurants do. You will probably first notice our Gauchos, or meat chefs. They proudly wear the traditional uniform of steakhouse chefs, which includes loose-fitting trousers called bombachas, leather boots, a signature orange scarf, and of course a large knife for serving plentiful portions of our delicious meats. Your personal Gaucho cooks the meat and serves you right at your table. The whole family, kids especially, will be quite impressed with their finesse and skills. We believe our great atmosphere compliments the great food we serve.

All of our delicious meals are cooked to your favorite temperature. Prepare to be impressed as you see the incredible selection of meats cut to your plate and hear that meat sizzling. Your mouth will begin to water as you take in all the incredible smells from the healthy portions of meat cooked on the open grill. Just sit back, relax and let your Gaucho do what they do best.

In addition to Rodizio-style meats and our lobster special, we also have a gourmet salad bar, as well as more general selections. There is something on our menu for everybody. When you’re finished with the salad bar and various selections of finely cooked meats and seafood, don’t forget to leave room for the most amazing desserts you’ve ever tasted in your life! Our after-dinner treats will complete your meal like nowhere else. We have New York-style cheesecake topped with berries, and a wonderful Brazilian treat, Banoffee or papaya cream. When you visit us at Chima you’re sure to leave full and satisfied.

At Chima Steakhouse we take great pride in offering a dining experience that separates ourselves from other restaurants. We have fabulous reviews that we’re proud of, and can’t wait to provide you and your family with a delicious meal and a wonderful dining experience. Bold, flavorful and delicious is what we do best. Our atmosphere is inviting, fun and original. Coupled with a menu full of incredible choices, you’re sure to find something on the menu you’ll love. If you want fantastic food with a great environment, look no further than Chima Steakhouse. Come in today or click here to book a reservation.

*Not available at all locations