chima logo By Chima Steakhouse 12/02/2019

Looking for Great Restaurants in Fort Lauderdale?

Going Out for the Night? Visit this Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale

When it comes to fine dining, Chima Steakhouse is simply the best choice. With menu options that promise to satisfy your palate, incredible service and an enchanting environment to greet guests, there’s no better place to dine in. Whether you’re going out for date night, or spending time with family and friends, Chima should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for great restaurants in Fort Lauderdale. 

What Makes Chima Steakhouse the Go-To Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale?

While no one can argue that there are countless restaurants in the Fort Lauderdale area, not all of them are what you’d expect. Some of it may have to do with a lack of understanding when it comes to the customer’s needs and desires and at Chima, that’s precisely what we’ve focused on, and because of it we have seen Chima grow in popularity and flourish even more in quality. We’re constantly looking for new options to leave customers wanting to come back for more. Our top-notch service, beautifully decorated restaurants and vibrant locations are just some of the things that sets us apart. 

Delicious Menu Options at Our Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale

At Chima Steakhouse, we offer a complete salad bar with tons and tons of options for vegetarians and vegan eaters alike, and of course, for anyone that wants to accompany their steak with some delicious greens. We also have succulent rodizio and mouthwatering chicken and fish dishes, and who could forget our memorable desserts. Not to mention that when you come to Chima, you will be serviced by our stylish gauchos, also known as meat chefs who roam the room in their traditional and stylish uniform, offering exquisite selection of meats. Moreover, we offer happy hour 7 days per week from 5 to 8 PM, live music from Wednesday to Saturday, and lunch every Sunday.

Call Chima Steakhouse When Looking for Restaurants in Fort Lauderdale 

What do you think? Dare we call ourselves the best restaurant in Fort Lauderdale? Yes, we dare. After your first visit, you will soon be referring to us as the best restaurant in the city too, and soon after you will also be recommending us to friends and family. To make a reservation, contact us at (954) 712 –0580 and enjoy our delicious dishes!