chima logo By Chima Steakhouse 13/09/2019

Planning Your Holiday Parties in Charlotte

With the winter holiday season fast approaching, many groups and businesses across the country are beginning to plan their yearly holiday parties. Planning early helps to prevent the last-minute stress and disappointing, limited options. No matter the size of the group, hosting a holiday party is a yearly traditional many people anticipate. For those planning group holiday parties in Charlotte, Chima Steakhouse is your best option for upscale group dining.

Why You Should Throw a Group Holiday Party

For some business owners and group leaders, holiday parties may seem like more of a hassle than they’re worth. Between budgeting, finding a location, and making plans with everyone in your group, it can seem like a headache waiting to happen. However, there’s a reason so many groups choose to have yearly holiday parties at Chima Steakhouse in Charlotte.

Most notably, company holiday parties help to promote team bonding. Without the stress and expectations of the office or work environment, your staff members are able to learn more about each other and connect on more than a superficial level. The shared experience of enjoying a delicious meal together at one of the best upscale restaurants in Uptown Charlotte also helps to reduce stress and boost company morale.

Holiday Parties in Charlotte at Chima Steakhouse

Treat your group to something memorable. Chima Steakhouse in Charlotte is the perfect place for this year’s holiday party! Located uptown, we offer an elegant group dining experience for group parties, large and small. Our restaurant has a maximum capacity of over 400 people, and holiday group packages allow one to book the entire space for any function.

For more intimate parties, our VIP packages offer an intimate dining experience for up to 150 guests. These private dining areas provide the chance to connect and enjoy each other’s company without the distracting noise of other diners.

You can also elect to include bar service with your package. This option comes with a selection of exquisite wines and champagne, as well as a full liquor bar. Sharing a few drinks before moving on to the main course can help your group socialize before a truly delectable dinner.

Book your group holiday party with us now to lock in your time and date. Prime slots are still available, but it's filing fast! For larger groups, our full buyout packages are available for lunch and dinner service seven days a week. Booking your holiday parties in Charlotte with Chima today can also save you money. We are offering great deals on all of our group dining packages throughout the holiday season, beginning now!

Give your hardworking team the holiday party experience they will never forget! Chima Steakhouse offers authentic cuisine within one of the most upscale restaurants in Charlotte. Learn more about our holiday packages today and secure the best slot for your group!