chima logo By Chima Steakhouse 22/09/2020

Sunday Funday at Chima!

Enjoying a nice weekend with family and friends is always a top priority. If you’re looking for a restaurant to sit back, relax, and enjoy great food look no further than Chima Steakhouse. We offer a delicious Sunday lunch so you can get your Sunday started off right. With our delicious meats and great menu options, you can enjoy your Sunday with us at Chima. We take great pride in our customer service. We know there are many places you can make reservations, so when you choose Chima, we make sure that you are treated like royalty. When you’re seated, you’re promptly accommodated by one of our trusty, personal meat chefs. They all wear the same uniform with an orange scarf and are waiting to respond to your every whim during the entirety of your meal. The traditional name for these chefs is Gauchos. They will make sure you and your family love every single thing being put on your plates, and will constantly be replacing plates and helping you to enjoy your dining experience to the fullest.  

It’s hard not to be impressed at Chima Steakhouse. The smells of our delectable meat choices, as well as our scrumptious, gourmet salad bar, are second to none. Our mouth-watering meats are cooked to your preference, and the healthy portions of meat are cooked on an open grill. Your meat chef, or Gaucho, will be looking for you to simply ask what you want next. Taste, presentation, and customer service all play a part in how much you will enjoy your time at any given restaurant. At Chima Steakhouse, we’ve brought our Brazilian traditions and dishes so you can enjoy our succulent dishes and cuisine.  

Chima Steakhouse is open for Sunday lunch. Our Sunday lunch goes from 12-3pm, and offers a gourmet salad bar plus one select meat for $29.90:    

  • Choice of top sirloin  
  • Chicken or Salmon  
  • Includes veggies skewer, pineapple cinnamon skewer & side dishes  

Additionally, our cooked to order $42.90 Complete Rodizio Menu includes all 15 meat cuts! 

We also have Bottomless Special $19.50 per person in our FLL location, as well as drink specials at $6.50 in Tysons Corner, VA. Mix and match Mimosa, Bloody Mary, Caipirinha, Red or White Sangrias!

We know you’ll love our Sunday lunch, which offers countless options for you and your family. At Chima Steakhouse, we offer a complete salad bar so that there are tons of options for everyone. We also have succulent rodizio and mouth watering chicken and fish dishes. And who could forget our memorable desserts? No matter what you’re in the mood for this Sunday, you can find it at Chima Steakhouse. Make this weekend memorable, and come visit us to enjoy a delightful Sunday lunch at Chima Steakhouse.   

The history of our great restaurant is a colorful one: the original Chima restaurant was founded in Uberlandia, Brazil and became a frequently visited establishment shortly after opening. In 2003, the Silva family brought their unique dining experience to the sunny town of Fort Lauderdale and opened up the first Chima Steakhouse in the U.S. Since then, three more restaurants opened up in Philadelphia, Tyson’s Corner, VA, and Charlotte, NC. Americans can get a taste of Brazil and also their favorite American treats at Chima Steakhouse. Our customer reviews on Yelp and elsewhere speak for themselves and define our outstanding reputation as one of the best restaurants in the city.  

We offer a dining experience that will make you want to come back regularly for every family celebration! If you’re looking for a restaurant to visit this weekend, we invite you to Chima Steakhouse for our Sunday lunch. We’re sure you and the entire family will find something to enjoy on our menu. Our food is delicious and won’t break your wallet. In addition, our menu is chock full of extremely tasty and well-cooked choices, including appetizers that will make your mouth water. When you’re ready to celebrate with us, call us for a reservation. We can’t wait to see you at Chima Steakhouse soon!