chima logo By Chima Steakhouse 27/09/2017

The Best Fine Dining Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale

Whether you are planning to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or a business meeting, you can't go wrong with dinner at the best fine dining restaurant in Fort Lauderdale. There is no better way to embrace a loved one or to impress business workers than an unforgettable experience at Chima Steakhouse! Let's dive right into what Chima offers that makes them take the "best fine dining restaurant" prize! 

Private Dining in Fort Lauderdale 

A restaurant can't be a fine dining restaurant without the option to have private dining! Chima Steakhouse offers the opportunity to receive private dining privileges in Fort Lauderdale. That's right, if you are planning a special night or need to discuss private business matters you can reserve an area for you to be separated from the regular crowd. You don't have to worry about a thing at Chima Steakhouse and can expect to be treated with royalty.  

The best food selection 

The quality of the food in a restaurant can make or break your whole experience. The last thing we want is to ruin your dinner experience and that is why our chefs make all of our food with precision and perfection. You can expect greatness when you dine with us as well as a wide selection of options for everyone's particular taste. The following are some of the different options you can have when you dine at Chima Steakhouse: 

  • Peach Pomegranate Frisee Salad 
  • Seafood Salad 
  • Biro Biro Rice 
  • Top Sirloin 
  • Filet Mignon 
  • Ribeye 
  • Flank Steak 
  • Lamb Chops 
  • Barbecue Ribs 
  • Parmesan Pork Loin 
  • Boneless Chicken 
  • Vegetable Skewer 
  • Key Lime Pie 
  • Banoffee 
  • Chocolate Coconut Lava Cake 
  • & More! 

Share a one of a kind experience at Chima 

Chima Steakhouse was named after the traditional drink of Rio Grande de Sul, Brazil, chimarrao, which symbolizes both hospitality and friendship. At Chima, we truly live up to the drink we were named after and our gauchos, or cowboys, are known for their generosity and hospitality so you can expect the best service during your special night. The gauchos walk around the dining room continuously offering over 15 of our mouth watering meats and cooked to your liking. There is no other restaurant that let you experience an authentic Brazilian churrascaria, and if you want to share this experience come visit us tonight! 

For all your special occasions visit us 

Whether you are celebrating an occasion or you just want some steak come visit us! You will be treated like royalty either way and don't take our word for it, visit us today!