chima logo By Chima Steakhouse 07/08/2019

Tomahawk Tuesday at Chima: Giving You Something to Rave About!

Are you a steak enthusiast looking for a juicy, life-changing culinary experience? Chima’s location-wide Tomahawk Tuesdays will be the highlight of your week! Tomahawk Tuesdays at Chima Steakhouses across the nation are making Tomahawk Tuesdays brim with classic Chima meats grilled to perfection. Now you can join us every Tuesday night at any Chima Steakhouse location and enjoy our Tomahawk Tuesday 48-ounce steak included in our signature rodizio dinner with no extra charge!

What is a Tomahawk Tuesday Steak at Chima?

At Chima Steakhouse, a highly marbled, exquisitely tender and flavorful steak called the “Tomahawk” is a beef rib-eye with five inches of extra rib bone presenting an axe-like shape – giving it the name “Tomahawk.” Not only is our promotional Tomahawk Tuesday a marvel to look at, it’s absolutely delicious, too! You can enjoy our sophisticated and upscale 48-oz. steak included in the full Chima rodizio dinner for $56.90 per person!

The Chima Tomahawk steak is taken from the longest cut of our top-quality steers. These particular parts are particularly tender and soft. When cooked to perfection, our Tomahawk Tuesday steaks combine the elements of their sweet, rich flavor and buttery, melt-in-your-mouth texture. In the culinary world, it can also be referred to as a “Tomahawk Chop,” “Bone-in Rib Eye,” and “Cote du Boeuf.”

Chima Rodizio Meats – Keeping It Real!

At Chima Steakhouse, real, quality meats are our specialty. Our daily selection of chicken, steak, pork, beef, lamb, and sausage cooked in a variety of ways makes Chima an oasis for meat lovers!

Quality and quantity is never an issue at Chima – so come hungry to all our locations, because you will most certainly will leave very full. Our fabulous restaurant locations include:

  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Tyson’s Corner, Virginia
  • Charlotte, North Carolina,
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Something for Everyone at Chima Steakhouse

When you arrive at a Chima Steakhouse, you will notice fragrant aromas that instantly make your mouth water, as well as a friendly staff ready to pamper your every need. You are given a token with one side saying, ‘No Thank You’ and the other side saying, ‘Yes Please!’ When the 'Yes Please’ token is up, gauchos (meat chefs) will keep offering you our incredible meat selections. When you want to take a rest, just flip the token and they will pass you by. Even if you have people in your party who do not eat meat, Chima has you covered. Our celebrated, gourmet salad bar is outstanding and fresh, with daily selections including scrumptious foods for vegetarians, vegans, and pescatarians alike. Just grab a clean plate when you’re ready, and fill up at your leisure for your decadent dining pleasure.

Tomahawk Tuesdays and Drinks!

You know what pairs really well with Tomahawk Tuesday steaks? A good drink! Many guests enjoy a high-caliber, continental wine or scotch with steak. Chima Steakhouse is well-known for our extensive and delicious drink  menu. Our expert Chima bartenders put a lot of passion into drinks with attention to presentation, taste, and quality. If you are wondering what the best drink pairing goes with your Tomahawk Tuesday dream dinner, we suggest our Chima Caipirinha. The Chima Caipirinha is one of our signature specialties straight from Brazil. Cachaça, sometimes known as Caninha, is Brazil's most common distilled alcoholic beverage. Caipirinha is actually Brazil's “national cocktail,” and it is made to perfection here at Chima with Cachaça, sugar, and lime.

Tomahawk Tuesdays at All Chima Locations!

Gather family and friends, have a boys or girls night out, or bring that date you’re trying to impress on the new hot night of the week. Come join us at every Chima Steakhouse countrywide for a Tomahawk Tuesday that will give you something to talk about – if your mouth isn’t too full!

Tomahawk steaks are being served at Chima on Tuesdays at all locations, included in our regular rodizio dinner price of $56.90 per person, with unlimited servings as well. Chima Tomahawk Tuesdays is your new favorite place to go for an upscale, mid-week date night, a birthday party, work event, or simply to celebrate that it’s a Tuesday – and therefore, Tomahawk Steak night at Chima!