chima logo By Chima Steakhouse 26/01/2021

What are the Perks to Having a Special Event at a Fine Dining Restaurant?

There are many special events worth celebrating. Whether it be a bar mitzvah, a baby shower, or a cocktail party, you probably want the event to be perfect. While simply having loved ones attend is sometimes enough, the food, venue, drinks, and atmosphere also matter. And here at Chima Steakhouse, your local fine dining restaurant, we have all of these extra components. When you go with us for your private events in Fort Lauderdale, Tyson's Corner, Charlotte, or Philadelphia, you don't have to worry about anything. We take care of everything for you. And the best part is that everything is all in one place. The food, drinks, ambiance, and guests. What more could anyone ask for? To learn more about what Chima Steakhouse can offer your special event or cocktail party, see below!

Catering is In-House

Something that's required at each event is contacting a caterer, picking the food you want to serve, and planning everything around that. Once this gets done, you still have to arrange where the food will be set-up at the venue. Sometimes, figuring out all of this is what makes planning the event fun. But other times, there's nothing better than having everything taken care of for you. And it's even nicer to have everything handled by one person or company. Here at Chima Steakhouse, our team handles everything from the food preparation to the food set-up. You don't need to juggle calling multiple companies. Instead, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your cocktail party. Our team also works closely with you to find the perfect meal for your guests. Whether you want seafood, steak, or a combination of the two, we can make your vision a reality. We also have an extensive dessert menu, one of our personal favorites being the chocolate coconut lava cake.

Ambiance Matters

One thing we take into consideration when we plan an event, such as a cocktail party or baby shower, is the ambiance. We want our party to be somewhere that is going to be appropriate for the occasion. Some events just need a more private and upscale environment. You wouldn't host a cocktail party or reception at the park, but a fine dining restaurant would make a reliable and ideal atmosphere. Here at Chima Steakhouse, you can expect your private events in Fort Lauderdale, Tyson's Corner, Charlotte, and Philadelphia to have your ideal ambiance. We can work with you to set up your event and create the perfect setting.

Book Your Cocktail Party or Special Event Venue Today!

To secure the venue for your special day, reach out to our team at Chima Steakhouse. We can speak with you about your needs and expectations for the event you are hosting. On the phone, we can decide what food and drinks you want to serve your guests. We can also work with you to establish how large or small the party is going to be. Our goal is to ensure your ideal and perfect event or party becomes a reality. To learn more about the food and drinks we have to offer, check out our website. And in the meantime, reach out to our team to reserve your private events in Fort Lauderdale, Tyson's Corner, Charlotte, or Philadelphia.

Fort Lauderdale contact for weddings and receptions: Ashley Williams at (954) 334-3930 or [email protected]

Charlotte contact for weddings and receptions: Aline Decker at (980) 225-5008 or [email protected]

Tyson's Corner contact for special events, weddings, and receptions: Christina Mohr at (703) 639-3088 or [email protected]

Philadelphia contact for weddings and receptions: Jackie Gorecki at (215) 531-5831 or [email protected]