chima logo By Chima Steakhouse 28/03/2019

What Makes a Special Brunch in Fort Lauderdale?

Brunch in Fort Lauderdale is often the beginning of your vacation over the weekends. It's the time to unwind and relax after a demanding workweek. Brunch is a time that brings friends, family, and lovers together. Come to Chima Steakhouse in beautiful Fort Lauderdale to make your brunch fabulous! Here are the top features of a perfect brunch experience:


One of the most important elements of a delicious brunch is the ambiance. Usually, areas that have a mood or a vibe tend to do better, as people are looking for a space to unwind. When a location has a nice ambiance, it makes it easier to relax and sit back. Imagine a beautiful space with your first cup of coffee in your hand? Doesn’t that sound like a nice start to the day?

Delicious Food

What is brunch without the breakfast essentials? It's crucial that the food be well-presented and delicious so that you can start your day fueled and happy. The brain truly does send positive signals when the pleasure centers are stimulated. One of the ways the pleasure centers are activated is through food. When you can sit down for a lovely brunch, you’re sure to start your day off right.

Friendly Customer Service

If the ambiance and the food are top-notch, the only thing missing is the staff. When the servers and waiters are in a good mood, so are you! The staff at the restaurant helps visitors to feel safe, secure and pampered. It's their job to give everyone an excellent dining experience. If the team is kind, then your perfect brunch is complete!

If you’re looking for a location to host your next brunch in Fort Lauderdale, reach out to Chima Steakhouse today! Our team puts out an incredible selection of delectable American favorites including French toast, omelets, and so much more. We understand that brunch is a sacred time to many, which is why our staff members do their best to help you start your day off in a splendid way. If you’re visiting in a big group in Fort Lauderdale, please don’t hesitate to make reservations! Contact us at or (954) 712-0580. We’re looking forward to having you!